If you learn it, you’ll do it.

If there’s one thing I have learned about living in the country it’s if you learn it, you’ll do it. You want to learn how to drive a stick shift? Great. But tomorrow you’ll be on your own. Learn how to pull a trailer? Good. You’ll do that a couple more times this week. Want to know how to drive that Powershift? Careful, they can always use help on the farm. Although I have a pretty adventurous nature I’ve learned to use caution when asking how to do something. Now I love learning new things as much as the next person but hey sometimes it’s nerve-racking to do something by yourself a day (or hour) after you just learned how. And then there are those learn-as-you-go moments when you just have to bite the bullet and do the best you can.  Since moving out here I’ve learned so many new and exciting things. I can drive a stick shift, line someone up to a trailer on the first time, and last week pulled a trailer for the first time, and within a couple of days I was driving around a customer’s truck and seed tender. Case in point, if you learn it, you’ll do it! I think I’ll hold off on asking how to drive a semi…


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