Nice to meet you.

I never planned on moving to a big city, so I’m not all that shocked that I ended up in the country. It is a little bizarre knowing that at age 20 I knew where I’d spend the rest of my life (not the same house, just location). Most 20 years old are partying; I was unpacking boxes and learning the ropes of a farm. But you know what? I was perfectly OK with that. I’ll admit though, it was pretty hard to move a half hour away from my house and family. It’s been almost three years since I started dating Kyle and a year since we moved to our acreage. The last year has been filled with adjustments, tractors, late nights & early mornings, and a little black lab-mix names Jules. This is our story. This is our journey. And now that we’ve been properly introduced, I hope you’ll follow along.


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