Diesel prices & fieldwork.

A couple of days ago I went with Kyle to town to get parts and go on a service call. When we drove by Kwik Star we checked out the fuel prices. Can you believe that diesel is cheaper than gas? Unleaded gas was $4.02, super unleaded gas was $3.99, and diesel was $3.79. It’s 20-23 cents cheaper that gas! It’s been years since gas surpassed the price of diesel. Kyle even said he thought he’d “never see the day when diesel would be cheaper than gas”. I guess we’ll start having to drive Kyle’s truck around more, because you know diesel is cheaper than gas… 😉

With the long LONG winter (there was a snow storm May4th!) then a very wet start to spring it pushed backed the start of farming greatly. We’ve only been in the field for about a week!  So the men have been working from dawn til dusk (and after!) to get the corn in as quick as possible. Kyle’s been manning the shop by himself and has had some pretty long days with all the service calls to work on equipment in the fields. And it continues this weekend, he had more service calls and has been helping in the field. These are a long couple of weeks, filled with 12-16 hours days, handwork, and eating alone; it’ll be nice to have my boyfriend back (until harvest).


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