Happy Birthday to Jules!

My baby’s one year old! And by baby, I mean dog. Yes, I am that person. I quite sure Kyle thinks I’m crazy, but that’s OK. Kyle’s off welding at the hog buildings so Jules & I partied by ourselves.


We celebrated with beef & cheese pupcakes (well she celebrated with them, I didn’t eat one).


Yay, blowing out the candle! OK, so maybe I blew it out.


I think she enjoyed them. 🙂

It seems like just yesterday she was an itty bitty puppy running around and exploring the yard and fields. I do remember the first time Kyle started a tractor around her too! She wasn’t a fan, but now it doesn’t even faze her. We adopted Jules from the local animal shelter when she was about 2 months old. She immediately became attached to us, but was pretty skid-ish of everything & everybody else. These days she isn’t as worried about people, she’s pretty protective though. New things sometimes scare her, so she wasn’t a fan of me taking pictures of her with my Canon camera. I pretty much view Jules as my furry little child, don’t judge me.


The day we got her, look how little she was!


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