Rain, rain, go away.

Rain, rain, go away. We need some sun! The farming operation has only been in the field a little over a week total! And bad news, there’s a chance of rain every day for the next 10 days. More than likely we won’t get any planting time in until mid-June. We leave for Vegas & the Grand Canyon on June 13th so hopefully the fields have dried out and all the planting is done by them! There is talk of a possibility of having to switch to beans instead of corn because of time limitations. Since planting has been pushed back so far, when they are able to plant there will be some VERY long days & nights. Kyle will have to work at the shop all day and probably help with farming all night. It’ll be a long couple of days. The farming operation has about 75% of the crops in leaving about 1500 acres. So if everything goes good it should take 2-3 of planting to get everything in and done. There is still standing water in local field, they are a muddy mess. Roads are closed because water is rushing over them, and the ditches have water rushing through them with a current equivalent to the Mississippi. The next field drive down from our house is actually washed out.


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