Real farm girl.

Does this whole country fad bother anybody else?

I mean boys from the newest housing development in town using daddy’s money to buy a diesel truck & jacking it up and the girls wearing super tight cutoff jeans and flannel shirts.

Have you ever typed farm girl into a search engine? Go ahead and type it into Google Images. It’s appalling really. They are making a mockery of farmers and country life. They know nothing about fieldwork, equipment, or animals. They use tractors as photo props and slaughter farming terminology.

Sorry for subjecting you to  this picture.

Sorry for subjecting you to this picture.

It’s sad though because people are buying it. They think the girls that come up in those images are what a real farm girl is.

Take it from someone who is living it every day; that is not what a farm girl is.

Being a farm girl isn’t about:
Buying every pair of cowboy boots that arrive at the local TSC, then wearing them everywhere.
Making sure you’re at least 50% covered in camo while you go to school, shopping, sit at home, etc.
Cutting off your jeans into Daisy Duke’s.
Taking pictures next to your daddy’s truck.
Telling everyone who will listen (or just within listening distance) how country you are.
Only wearing flannel and Wrangler’s.
Never leaving home without your cowboy hat or Elly May Clampett pigtails.

It’s about hard work, dedication, and a passion for life & agriculture.


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