Roadtrip to Kansas.

Kyle bought a 4010 LP off of Craigslist out of Kansas the other day. So we went and picked it up this weekend. We left at 11:45pm on Saturday and returned home about 12:30am on Sunday.


This was our route. It was 560 miles one-way, about an 1100 mile round trip that took us 23 hours to complete including food & fuel stops, loading the tractor, changing a blown out tire, & stopping at the farming operation.

IMG-20130609-00203 (2)

When we arrived we found out that the tractor wasn’t exactly what or where he said it was. It was in the middle of a very muddy pasture. Also someone had shot the LP tank leaving holes and making it useless. And none of the implements were what he said they were! The 3-point plow was a pull type, the JD planter was a Case, the corn sheller was a silage blower! We got the tractor loaded after several hours of pumping up tires, pulling it out, and wenching it on the trailer.

IMG-20130609-00208-1 tractor

Here she is. Isn’t she just a fine piece of machinery?! Luckily Kyle likes restoration projects!

IMG-20130609-00211 (2)

On the way home we may or may not have blown out a tire. Hint: We did.

It was about 85 degrees when we were in Kansas and humid. Boy, was it hot. I wasn’t used to it since Iowa’s been un-seasonally cool this spring. Whoo! Luckily we packed a cooler with water & pop. Also, one thing I learned about the south: they don’t do anything on Sundays! Everything is closed unless it was a major chain store (Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Conoco, etc.). I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that though, it’s just not like that around here! Before heading home we stopped at the farming operation that Kyle’s family is part of, it was only a half hour out of the way so that worked out good! Even though the tractor wasn’t exactly what we expected it was overall a fun trip.


5 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Kansas.

      • You were about 2 hours west of me then, which in Kansas isn’t far. 😉 Yes, I think the SE part of the state is pretty as well.

      • I forgot to blog about until just now – Kyle’s family has a small farming operation out in Kansas that we stopped at before we left. That’s in Wellington. 🙂

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