vacation map

vacation miles

You’ve probably been wondering where I have been. Well I went with my boyfriend and his family on their family reunion/vacation that occurs every 3 years. This year it was at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but our trip wasn’t that simple! We left June 13 at 6pm and drive 24 straight hours to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Golden Nugget until June 18. We gambled, caught some shows, saw many of the attractions, and tried to enjoy ourselves. I won $400! During our stay in Vegas we visited the Hoover Dam (I actually forgot to add this stop on the map above, it was about 40 minutes from Vegas one-way). It was very interesting! I was disappointed however that we were only able to go on the power plant tour and not the dam tour because it was Father’s Day and not enough tour guides showed up for work. On our last day in Vegas we went rock crawling in the desert in a Jeep. It was a blast and I’d definitely recommend it!


We left Vegas and drove to the Yavapai Lodge in the Grand Canyon National Park. It was about a 4 hour drive from our hotel. This is were we met up with everyone. We went out to dinners, hung out at the campground (no fire because of the ban), and took many many photos. The Grand Canyon is truly an amazing site, it’s no wonder it’s on the list of 7 natural wonders of the world. The second day were were there we drove up to Page, NV (normally about 3 hrs from the Grand Canyon, but with road construction it added an extra hour!) for a raft ride down the Colorado River. It started at the Glen Canyon Dam and continued 6 miles, then we returned to the dam area.


And after that came the business portion of our trip. We headed to Flagstaff to buy an enclosed trailer then to Aguila to visit some farms and pick-up some tires that were previously purchased. Next we headed to Texas where we purchased 25+ tractor fenders and made the journey home.We left Friday morning at 7:45am and arrived home at 6:30am on Sunday. That’s right folks we were on road for about 48 hours! That includes all of business, gas, and food stops, but no hotel stays! Overall it was a fun trip, but the whole business trip aspect was just a little too much!


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