The pros outweigh the cons.

Since moving to the country people always tell me things like “I can’t believe you like living out there.”, “I hated living on the farm and being home alone all the time.”, and “You’re so far from everything, I’d hate that”. I love everything about living out here! I always tell people the pros such as no traffic, nicer people, safer living, wide open spaces, sunsets, clean air, fields, etc. To be honest though there are about only two negative aspects that I can think of.

1. The closest hospital (with a decent trauma center/ER) is about half hour away. (Hey, I’m a nurse this is the sort of stuff I think about.)
2. No restaurant will deliver. That means you’ll be driving 15+ minutes for take-out. (Don’t judge me sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking!)

But to quote Jason Aldean, “I wouldn’t trade one single day here in smalltown USA“.


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