Rural Route 44.

The post office wants to shut down and not deliver out here anymore but there’s sure been some important things happen on rural-route 44. Grandpa drove his first new tractor home on this road, that was quite a few years back. Now we’ve shined that tractor up for parades and we keep it in the old wood shack.

Down this road my dad first drove his two toned, ’63 Datsun pickup truck, he was going to take his future wife on a date so he had it all cleaned up. Within’ 10 years from that very day there were five little kids under foot, so Mama would send us out to ride bikes, she knew we were safe on that route.

She’d remind us to be back for supper as we’d run out the screen door. Some afternoons we’d just spend lookin’ for the best skippin’ rocks on rural route 44. That road served many purposes, it was our wagon trail when we played cowboys and Indians. We’d play all day and come in with dust coverin’ us from boots to grin.

When thinkin’ back on all those memories as I stand here and look down the long dirt road, we learned a lot of life’s lessons from time spent out there and I can’t help but feel some sorrow. So if it’s because of finances or just because things can’t stay the way they were before, don’t worry about bringin’ me mail but please always treasure the memories, times and character developed on rural-route 44.
– Trinity Lewis

farm family
This was just posted by Analyzing from the Airwaves and I just had to pass it on. It has such a beautiful message that I feel so many of us can relate to. I can picture my grandpa driving his dad’s old Ford truck or driving my grandma around in the Mustang convertible he bought new. I can see my mom getting ready in the same bedroom I grew up in (until I was 7-8). I can picture the large tree that my sister and I would play under and grandpa would tell us stories. They sold that farm going on 15 years ago. But in the last 15 years we’ve made plenty more memories. And in the last year, since I have moved out with Kyle, we have made many memories. And I know there will be so many to come here on rural route 1.


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