House Renovations: Before

As I’ve said in previous posts Kyle bought a house a little over a year ago & I moved in with him. Our home is a two story farmhouse that was built in 1900, and hadn’t been updated since oh say 1964. Luckily the previous owner had updated the septic system, spray foams the foundation, re-shingled the roof, and resided the house. That saved us a bunch of money. We have also been doing home renovations, updates, and decorating since we’ve moved in. We are doing this with the lowest budget possible since the plan is to knock this house down in the next 5-10 years. I’ve decided to show you guys the before & after pictures of our house. This post is of the befores and I will post the afters in the near future. I know I just had to keep you in suspense :).

The above two pictures are of the kitchen.

This is the dining room with the picture taken from the living room.

This is the living room, from two different views.

This is the downstairs bedroom, again two different views.

This is the upstairs landing area, or den as we call it. Sigh, look at that carpet, wood paneling, wallpaper, well everything…

This is the upstairs bedroom. No, I’m sorry the curtains are NOT for sale ;). The small doorway in the wall of the right closet opens into the attic area.

This is the attic area that is through that small doorway in the closet in the picture above.

Stay tuned for my next post which will be of the ‘after’ photos! We are still currently in the decorating stage but I will post pictures of how the house is now and update them as needed.


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