Today I blow out the candles for my 22nd birthday. I’m 22 on the 22nd, it’s my golden birthday :). Tonight I’ll be celebrating by going to Red Lobster with Kyle and my family. Isn’t funny how much things can change in a year? Here’s to a great year filled with love, family, friends, new opportunities, and memories.

Some things that have happened since my 21st birthday:
-Moved in with Kyle.
-Adopted out puppy Jules.
-Started working at Hillcrest & the shop.
-Mini-vacation to Prairie du Chien & Dubuque.
-Adventure to Kansas to get 4010LP.
-Went to Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon.
-Found a new hair dresser (she’s the best). That’s pertinent information, right?
-Confirmed that there is still a tie between Red Lobster & The Brown Bottle for my favorite restaurant.
-Learned a lot more about tractors and fieldwork.
-Fell even more in love with Kyle.
-Finished up the mini home renovation, now just finishing up decorating.

Now bring on the cake!


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