Get to Know Me Better.

I love sleeping in on Sundays.
I could live off of cheese fries.
My favorite restaurants are Red Lobster & The Brown Bottle.
I was a diehard Dale Earnhardt, Sr. fan.
I love my dog. She’s my baby.
I don’t know what I’d do without Kyle or my family.
Country music will always be best.
I don’t mind 80’s music though.
I graduated high school when I was 17 (summer birthday).
I was the youngest to graduate in my nursing class.
I like margaritas & getting caught in the rain.
I like to be organized slightly OCD-ish.
And in-charge.
I have control issues.
I don’t really like beer.
I hate, hate, hate Oreos, mustard, ranch, and cooked onions.
I’ll try anything once.
I didn’t vote for Obama.
I was in a car accident and totaled out my car & hurt my back. (Wasn’t my fault.)
My all-time favorite TV show is Bones.
My graduating class (high school) had 20 people in it.
I don’t like bugs, that includes dragonflies. Eeee.
I went to Vegas and came back ahead. $
I have one sister and one brother.
I have a thing for windmills.
And John Deere tractors.
And boys who can drive a stick shift.
I can drive a stick shift.
And pull a trailer.
I enjoy home decorating.
I’m a Registered Nurse.
I don’t have cable TV.
I enjoy fishing.
I’m a good shot.
My favorite pop is Pepsi.
I enjoy cooking.
I love Frooties by Tootsie Roll.
My favorite color is pink.
I don’t really care about or follow sports.
Unless tractor pulling is considered a sport.
Every summer I rock a farmer’s tan (not by choice, just happens).
I love playing Mario Party.
I’m pretty smart.
I scored high enough on the ASVAB to be a Army Ranger.
I enjoy photography.
And Cosmopolitan magazine.
Cummins > Powerstroke (& Duramax).
Garden-fresh and homemade are always better.
I wear the same style make-up everyday.
I need to find a good book to read.
I’ve never bought a Powerball ticket.
I’m actually pretty shy until I get to know you better.
I’m a good girl.
There’s a deer head hanging in my living room. Sigh.
I like traveling and exploring.
I’ve never flown in a plane.
I’m right handed.
I’ve broke my little toe and hairline fractured my knee.
I’ve had stitches once.
Country > City.
I have a slight addiction to Pinterest.
I’ve never been to another country.
I didn’t play any sports in high school.
I collect Willowtree Figurines.
I love a french manicure.
I become homicidal slightly angry if I don’t eat on a regular basis.
I enjoy meeting new people.
Blogging is one of my newest and most favorite hobbies.

Since you have wasted all that time reading this, we might as well be best friends. 🙂

Anything else you want to know? Ask.


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