Fair Week.

Our county fair start Saturday and runs through Sunday. Saturday is just set-up and some bands play at night and the last Sunday is clean-up, take down, and release of exhibits. Starting Saturday night and continuing through next Saturday night we are busy every night. I tried to come up with a more clever title for this post but ‘fair week’ summed it up pretty good. Tonight Kyle thinks he’s just going to work on his truck and bus all night but I have other plans. Like you know a dinner & movie. But I’d settle for just dinner. Hint hint. 🙂

Our next week or so looks like this:
Saturday: Bus Races (this is actually at a different counties fair).*
Sunday: Farmer’s Tractor Pull (Sigh, Kyle just sold his pulling tractor so he won’t pull in this).
Monday: Tuff Truck Competition. It’s an obstacle course for junk vehicles.*
Tuesday: I work 1:30-9:30pm and Kyle has a friend’s birthday party.
Wednesday: Combine Demolition Derby. Pretty self-explanatory.*
Thursday: Scrambles.
Friday: REO Speedwagon concert. Not 100% for sure if we’re going.
Saturday: NTPA tractor pull.
*These are events Kyle will partake in. He’s quite the little go-getter, isn’t he?

I hate to say it but there will also probably be a lack of blog posts during this time, but I’ll do my best!


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