We’re not gonna take it, anymore!

Yay for Twisted Sister references. But anywho back to bigger, more important things. By this point many of you have probably heard about Panera Bread’s EZ Chicken campaign. I decided to join in on the controversy. They are blatantly calling farmers that use antibiotics lazy. I found this so outrageous, farmers aren’t lazy. Far from it. ‘Farmer’ and ‘lazy’ shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. There are guidelines in place to ensure consumer safety. There is a certain amount of time from when an animal receives a antibiotic to when they can be sold for production. Antibiotic use doesn’t decrease the quality, taste, texture, safety, or nutritional value of the meat. The FDA, USDA, etc. governs over farmers and farms ensuring food safety and antibiotic use is acceptable.


As a nurse I can see the apprehension in prophylactic-use and overuse of antibiotics. Prophylactic is prevention, using antibiotics to prevent disease rather than cure it. Overuse and prophylactic use can lead to an increase in resistant strands of a bacteria.

In recent years doctors have really cut back on the amount of antibiotics they prescribe. They want to make sure your illness can be treated by an antibiotic so they aren’t prescribing unnecessary medication. Previously antibiotics were given out much more freely and this caused a more prevalent increase in resistant strains of bacteria such as MRSA and VRE. In order to decide if antibiotics are necessary the doctor does an assessment, labs, and/or diagnostic tests to determine if the illness is caused by a virus or a bacteria. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics and will generally just have to run their course (certain types or severe cases can be treated with antivirals). Antibiotics are used when a person (or animal) has contracted a bacteria.

But this isn’t even what Panera Bread is concerned with. Panera is concerned with Panera making money. They are broadcasting completely false, irrelevant information. They are calling farmers lazy because they are being cautious and taking care of their livestock. The worst part is how hypocritical they are. If they themselves or say their child get sick I can guarantee you that they go to the doctor and if the doctor prescribes an antibiotic you can bet they are going to take it. In reality I’m sure this was just supposed to be another market campaign meant to gain more customers because of their “better tasting, antibiotic free” chicken. But they chose the wrong people to mess with.

We’re not going to tolerate being publicly bashed for supporting and feeding America.

Shame on you Panera Bread.


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