McDonald’s gets it. #thankafarmer

Amidst the Panera Bread and Chipolte controversy over antibiotic use, McDonald’s gets it. Scattered across the state of Iowa you’ll find giant billboards from McDonald’s with a thank you to farmers on it.


Alongside I-80 between Cedar Rapids and Des Moines you’ll also find a barn painted with the same thank you message. I didn’t stop to take a picture because we didn’t have the time but I assumed I could find a picture and more information online but I couldn’t! So that sucks. It’s awesome to see this display of thanks after all of the negative publicity lately. Remember farmers feed America. #thankafarmer

Thank YOU McDonald’s for getting it and appreciating all of the hard work farmers do.


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s gets it. #thankafarmer

  1. I think this is great! It’s kind of crazy that Chipotle is giving off such a bad image of farmers just to gain popularity and advertise for their products. I think a lot of people living in the city have no clue what real farm life entails. The picture they portrayed was just wrong. But I have noticed McDonalds stepping up their game in the past couple of years to give farmers the credit they deserve, which is nice seeing as they are one of this biggest food chains around. So thanks Iowa farmers! I

    • Thanks! 🙂 I totally agree, people don’t realize everything that goes into farming. And how much it affects their life! I think it’s great what McDonald’s did – it’s nice to see some appreciation!

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