Government Shutdown.


Ok, so I won’t sit here and pretend I know all about politics or even that I fully understand what a government shutdown is. But it seems an awful lot like a group of junior high girls fighting. In fact one website has a hilarious comparison to the movie Mean Girls. I find it pretty astounding that instead of being forced to do their job, the government can shut down. That’s quite the concept. The website One Nation Under Shutdown has a list of ways this has effected each state. It ranges from soldiers being furloughed, all federal websites shutdown, families unable to get assistance for food, federal parks closed down, a father dying of cancer unable to do a medical trial because of lack of funding, to a search party being called off looking for a woman since they were furloughed. What bothers me the most is that most of this stuff is NOT affecting members of the government but the hardworking people who are just trying to make a living. I actually find it embarrassing that our government can “shutdown”. It’s like a toddler throwing a tantrum in a middle of a restaurant or something. How about a government “timeout” they can sit their asses in a room until they can get along, make a decision, and act like professional adults. I think if they couldn’t leave until they got THEIR job done (you know like everybody else) shit would probably get done. Sorry Obama, no $500,000 vacay until you can put your big boy panties on. And of course they let the farm bill expire AGAIN. Even though farmers feed them, they don’t find it very important to get something passed. But I’m not even going to get into the farm bill in this post. I wonder what other countries are thinking right now, I feel we’re probably the laughing stock right now. I’m glad we’re an industrialized and civilized nation, because I feel that the government shutting down, gives an idea that someone else could takeover.  I honestly don’t know, but I’m assuming all congress, representatives, president, etc. are still being paid? While all the federal workers and soldiers are not. Seems strange, right? Since the GOVERNMENT is the one that caused the shutdown. How about we don’t pay them until they resolve this? Bam, I bet they have something passed in 4 hours tops.


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