Daylight Savings Time: The World Catered to Farmers.

This is a video of Pete Holmes comedic act that aired on November 4th.

The idea of daylight savings time was first introduced by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. As you know electricity wasn’t exactly widespread, so this was an idea to not waste daylight and get the most out of the hours that were light. Therefore the clocks would need to be set back/forth depending on the season. Sure, these days farmers probably get the most of this extra hour, because you know it takes all 6 of us longer than 20 minutes to get our daily work done. And all for that darn wheat, because it’s not important AT ALL. I love being portrayed as a uneducated, slow, hillbilly, don’t you? And damn straight we control the food. He’s a novel idea; only eat what you grow & take care of. Thanks. 8 hour work days for farmers? LOL, no. I’ll take my rural paradise over your city life ANY DAY.

And seriously, who is the writer for this show? Barely anything they said was factual. They should probably be fired, for incompetency.

I know this is a comedy and it’s just for fun. But it’s not funny, it’s not right. And even though it angered me, it more so made me sad. This is how people portray farmers. This is what they’re teaching their children; to not appreciate and to mock the very people that feed them and fuel their vehicles.


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