Shop Update.

Shop Update.

I haven’t updated you guys lately on how the new shop is coming along, and I know you’ve just been dying to see how it looks ;). Well here you go! We’re getting the door soon, once the door is on we will be able to turn on the in-floor heat. Then it’ll be warm and we Kyle can work out there. The shop isn’t wired for electricity yet, I think the plan for that is next Spring. There is still a lot of work to do on the inside: the loft, bathroom, office, air compression & air lines, and some other things. Kyle’s getting pretty excited that things are finally starting to take shape and about his recent purchases for out there. Ahem, several tool boxes and tools! Farm boys…


2 thoughts on “Shop Update.

  1. Hi Brandi! Just clicking over from Christmas in the Country.

    I remember when my husband’s shop was finished. He drug me out of church one Wednesday evening to go see it. He had it lit up like a runway. I looked at him and his giddy excitement more than I looked at the building. Like you said…farm boys…:)

    Merry Christmas!
    Emily Grace

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