December 2013 Birchbox Review.

Birchbox is a beauty subscription box for $10/month. If you’d like to sign up please CLICK HERE to use my referral code and get signed up! This month’s theme was ‘Holiday 2013’.

Because of the holidays this month they switched up the box design. It’s super cute I must say!

The theme card:

The content card with products and prices:

And finally, the contents of the box:

Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser. Everything was is French so I had to look up what this was. As the name implies it’s a facial scrub. It has a nice smell and the granules seem to exfoliate nicely without being too rough.

Manna Kadar Shimmer Glo. A shimmer lotion, it’s a peachy-pink color with goldish shimmer. At first I was like ‘seriously, who has used shimmer lotion since 1997!?’. But once you blend it in it becomes a nice highlighter/illuminizer. Not glittery just a nice subtle glow.

Twistband Hair Tie. I have actually been wanting to try these. They are not supposed to leave that bump in your hair like regular elastic hair ties do. But what I’m disappointed about is the pattern. I don’t like it and won’t ever where it. Orange seahorses aren’t my thing I guess, trade anybody? (Full-size product)

Kat Burki Signature Cody Crème in Tuberose. Fancy looking little glass sample. The smell is OK, I would call it old fashioned though. I can’t really see myself smelling like that. But it moisturizers nicely.

Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. I haven’t actually used this yet so I don’t know if it works. But it is a nice sized sample and have a nice smell.

Everyone also got a ‘Birchbox goes mobile’ digimate. It’s a little sticky piece of screen cleaning cloth that sticks to your phone. You can pull it off, clean your screen, and stick it back on your phone. It’s a nice little extra, but I probably won’t use it (well I won’t stick it to my phone, I’ll just use it to clean off my screen).

I’m still having that love hate relationship with Birchbox. I felt a little disappointed this month since it is December (holidays) and I was expecting the best box ever. I didn’t get that vibe, I didn’t even get a holiday vibe at all from my box. Except from the box it’s self it was really cute and holiday themed. Sometimes I feel I just get leftovers (ahem, seahorse hair tie). The box wasn’t a total flop though like in previous months. There were nice sized samples and neat products.

What was in your box this month?


6 thoughts on “December 2013 Birchbox Review.

  1. I received a sparkly silver hair tie, which I love. Sorry about your seahorse hair tie, I would have been disappointed in that, too! I also got a tube of the highlighter, a nice big vial of Harry Prince’s Hello perfume (love, love, love), a small bottle of Number 4 non-aerosol hairspray, and a small tube of a French moisturizer, whose name I can’t remember or say. I am happy with the products I received, but I am with you, I was expecting a little more from the much anticipated holiday box. I have a love/hate relationship with beauty subscriptions period. Some months I love them, some months I want to toss it all in the trash.

    • I would have been very happy with a sparky silver hair tie, that says holidays to me! I haven’t smelled that Hello perfume but I want too! I definitely have a love hate relationship with beauty boxes. I try not to complain too much though since we always get more than a $10 value, haha. I’ll post my December Ipsy review today if you want to check that out. 🙂

      • The Ipsy bag looks great this month! I cancelled my Ipsy because I always seemed to get the lower-end items and my friends were getting awesome stuff. They would get an Urban Decay lipstick, and I would get a ChapStick. I constantly stalk the Ipsy page to see what everyone is getting every month, so obviously I am still obsessed. Ha! I will probably subscribe again.

      • Ya, I’ve been happy with it. But this is only my second bag. They feature Be a Bombshell in a lot of bags, I hope they skip that brand for a couple months. I want to try new things!

  2. I have received the twistband hair ties in the past and even purchases some, but recently saw identical ones at the dollar store, including headbands. I think twistband slaps their brand name on some interesting patterns and colors, and sell these hair ties for a LOT more when they are essentially the same as the cheaper versions. I tested the dollar store ones and they ARE the same so you should check there 🙂 I was also disappointed in this holiday box 😦 Maybe next months will be amazing! *fingers crossed* !

    • I’ll definitely check out the dollar store ones! Yeah I feel this box was kind of a year-end clean-up on their part. But yeah let’s hope for an amazing box next month!

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