Ipsy December 2013 Review.

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box. Each month you get 5-6 beauty products inside a makeup bag. If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, I’d appreciate you using my referral link. It arrives each month in a pink bubble mailer!

This month’s theme was ‘Celebration’. And I’m definitely getting the holiday vibe from these products and bag!

Here’s the content card, showing the products:

This month’s products and bag:

Nicka K New York Nail Color in Mauve. It’s a mauve color nail polish (Obvious, I know. Sorry.) It’s kind of a strange color for a nail polish. I think it would’ve made a better lip color. I might give it a chance or give it to my mom. (Full-size product)

Ardell Natural Eye Lashes. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used fake eye lashes. But I don’t really need them, my eye lashes are long. I am excited to try them though! I’m glad they are a ‘natural’ look, but seem to have a lot of lashes. Like it may make mine look bushy (haha). It will be fun to experiment with them. (full-size product)
NYX Extra Creany Round Lipstick in Cream. A nice peachy-neautral color. The lipstick does have a nice creamy texture. (Full-size product)

Be a Bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush. This stick can be used on eyes, lips, and face. It’s a nice pinky-mauve color with shimmer. It seems to blend well and have almost a powdery feel to it. Although I like there products I hope we don’t keep getting Be a Bombshell in every bag because I like to try new brands. (Full-size product)

Pop Beauty Eye Shadow Trio in Smokin’ Hot. Yay I got the gray set rather than the brown! (There’s that smokey eye obsession again.) They are nice colors, a light, medium, and dark. The light is almost white and the dark one is black, the middle one is a nice gray. They all have a nice shimmer to them without being glittery. (Full-size product)

Notice they were ALL full-sized products. Woo-hoo!

This month’s bag was a sleek textured black one with a red silky lining. I got the holiday feel from this subscription unlike Birchbox. All of this is holiday party appropriate. I’m not regretting signing up for Ipsy at all!

8 thoughts on “Ipsy December 2013 Review.

    • I know it was really hard for me too! I signed up for Birchbox first, and signed up for Ipsy two months ago. You get higher end products in BB but better samples in Ipsy. So I’m happy 🙂

    • They are both $110 for a 12 month subscription. Birchbox has a much better points system and when I signed up I found a promo code for an extra 100 pts. I can try to find it for you if you want BB. For every 100 points you get $10 to spend in the BB shop. So ill have $70 to spend when my year is up (you can spend whenever but my plan is to save them all up). Making the subscription like $40. You rarely get full sized items from BB and you get a variety not just makeup, and higher end brands. Ipsys point system sucks…you pick a featured item once you have 1000 pts. it’s like impossible to get that many without a ton of referrals. You get a lot of full sized products from ipsy. I’ve only received 2 bags from ipsy so far but it seems they repeat a lot of brands month to month. Ipsy is more makeup then all beauty aspects (like face scrubs, lotion, etc.) Picking which one is better is really hard! I honestly don’t know which one to pick! With BB I feel like I’m just getting leftovers and with ipsy it seems like repeats. They both have their ups & downs. BB might be a safer bet since you get more back out of it. And not to be annoying but if you do sign up I’d really appreciate you using my referral link in the blog posts! PS: There are some tricks when it comes to the BB beauty quiz (like how to get better products) I can tell you about them if you go with BB.

  1. I loved this month’s Ipsy bag, the bag itself was even super cute and all full sized products!? Heck yeah! I was glad that I got an eye shadow brush instead of the eyelashes. I’m in the same boat as you and have never used them because my natural lashes are long, however, I would have enjoyed trying them out for fun since I would never buy them myself! I was impressed with the quality of the pop shadows, I was not expecting them to be pigmented. I was least excited about the 3 in 1 bombshell product because I hate cream blush and feel like it will go to waste as just a lipstick. Plus I’ve had enough of this brand for a few months lol 🙂

    • I’m with ya on the Bombshell – I’m not really into that type of product and I think they could give that brand a break! The bag was cute 🙂 I’m loving all the full-sized products though!

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