Holiday Beauty Swap.

I signed up for the Crystal Cattle Beauty Swap, I had a lot of fun and got some great items! Now it’s time to reveal what I got. Taysha from Dirt Road Charm and I were paired up for the swap.

20131220_174556 20131220_174646mac

Items I received:
*MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam V
*MAC Eyeshadow in Sketch
*MAC Lip Glass in C-Thru
*Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peal Off Face Mask
*Cute card explaining the products and why she chose them

Taysha & I decided that we would just give each other our likes & dislikes and surprise each other with what we brought. She did a great job picking out colors and products for me! I don’t like bright lipstick so Viva Glam was perfect. I like a smoky eye so the deep purple was a great color to spice up a normal gray smokey eye. Check out Taysha’s blog to see what I picked out for her!

Be sure to check out everyone who participated in the swap and see who they had and what they got. You can head over to Crystal Cattle’s blog for the link up!


7 thoughts on “Holiday Beauty Swap.

  1. HOW FUN! I love love love MAC! Their eye colors and lipsticks can’t be beat! I am curious to learn more about that green tea thing. I LOVE masks and peels and love to switch products once a week throughout the month. I feel like not putting the same thing on my face every week helps. But I am probably just crazy!

    Thanks so much for participating! It’s been so fun to see ladies connecting and making new friends! 🙂

    • I haven’t actually used it yet. Maybe I will tonight. Taysha said she loves it and not to discriminate on it because you can get it at Wal-Mart, etc. Haha 🙂

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