15 Things to Do Inside Because it’s Too Cold Outside.

Snowflake-Winter-AbstractOver the next 48 hours a winter storm will be affecting a large portion of the US. This type of storm is known as a ‘polar vortex’. Snow is not expected everywhere, and isn’t even the main problem. Subzero temperatures along with wind chill numbers lower than 50 below are expected. In many states all schools have been canceled for Monday. As I type this it is currently -1 but feels like -25 due to the wind chill. A quote from our local weather channel is below:

“A Wind Chill Warning is in effect through Tuesday afternoon for all of eastern Iowa.  Temperatures are expected to reach as low as -25, with wind chills approaching -55 degrees.  Officials are urging people to take precautions.  Many schools and businesses are closed Monday.”

So I figured since we’re all going to be cooped up inside over the next 2 days, I would share with you some ideas on have to keep busy and beat boredom.  I present to you 15 things to do inside because it’s too cold outside:

1. Start (or finish) a craft. Check out Pinterest for ideas.

2. Have an in-home spa day. Run a bubble bath, light some candles, and pour yourself some wine.

3. Have a movie marathon.

4. Clean up the house. Catch up on laundry and dishes

4. Organize spare rooms, closets, and your office.

5. Pull out the photo albums and reminisce.

6. Catch up on paperwork. Get the bills paid today so you can go sledding tomorrow when the ice age is over.

7. Light the fire place.

8. Start a blog or write some posts if you already have one.

9. Make some hot cocoa, grab a blanket, snuggle on the couch, & read a book or magazine.

10. Play chef. Make a nice 3-course meal together.

11. Don’t feel like cooking? Have supper delivered! (Unfortunately not an option for us that live in the country.)

12. Bust out the board games and have some playful competition.

13. Do some online shopping.

14. Catch-up with someone: your mom, grandma, best friend from high school; give ’em a call or shoot ’em an email.

15. Rearrange your furniture or the decor around your house.

Now this was just a fun list to lighten up the situation. Temperatures this low though aren’t a joke, though, they can be dangerous and even deadly. It’s a good idea to have some sort of emergency kit as well as a supply of food. If you do have to go out and about make sure you have you cellphone charged, hat & gloves, and a vehicle emergency kit in case your car breaks down, etc. I hope everyone stays safe and warm out there. And don’t forget about all of those livestock farmers who have to go out in this weather to make sure there is food on our plates!

cold outside


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