I know how, do you?

I think there are some things in life that everyone should know how to do. I’m not talking about the glaringly obvious either, like how to cook or do laundry. I racked my brain and came up with a pretty good list. I wanted to narrow it down to the number one thing I think everyone should learn how to do. But you know me I couldn’t pick just one, so I picked two!

1. How to do CPR (including the Heimlich maneuver & AED use). I think this is probably the most important thing anyone can learn how to do. You can literally save someone’s life. Most schools have started but I think it should be mandatory to be CPR certified before you graduate. It is seriously a couple of hours out of 1 day of your life (for a certification that will last a year or two). Even if you never renew your certification (I encourage you to keep it up-to-date) you will still remember how to do it. Think if your parent, your friend, your significant other, your baby, even a stranger, or YOU stopped breathing or choked. You would hope and pray someone was there that knew what they were doing, well that person can be you!
CPR Heart

2. How to drive a stick shift. I know that stick shifts are a dying breed, but I still think this is a must. There are many reasons why you should learn to drive a manual transmission, I think the main one being if it’s the only vehicle around you need to know how to operate it, especially in an emergency situation. I tell people this and they respond with, “if it was an emergency I’d get it figured out and be able to drive it”. Why not just learn so you’re comfortable with it!? Other reasons include; better fuel mileage, a lot of other people won’t know how to drive your vehicle, it will keep you more focused on driving (you’ll need your left hand to steer, your left foot to run the clutch, your right hand to shift, and your right foot to run the accelerator), you will be able to drive any vehicle (because you decided to learn!), you have more control over your vehicle (you choose when it shifts), it’s fun, your vehicle is less likely to be stolen, to impress that cute boy (or girl), really the list is endless. Plus, you can use terms like ‘three on the tree”, “four on the floor”, or “5-speed/6-speed” and not only know what they are, but how to drive them!
stick shift

What are some things you think everyone should know how to do? Whether it be how to swim, how to grow your own food, or how to navigate the subway at Grand Central Station; leave your thoughts below!


8 thoughts on “I know how, do you?

  1. I know how to do both, though surprisingly, I would feel more comfortable performing CPR on someone in distress than I would driving a stick shift! Ha! I think everyone should know how to change a flat tire (I don’t, but it is my goal to learn soon!) and balance a checkbook. I used to work in banking before I changed careers and you would be surprised to learn how many people don’t know how to balance their checkbook. I’m not talking about the many folks who know how but don’t (guilty). There are actually people who don’t know HOW.

  2. I wish I learned how to do simple car maintenance like change a tire which goes along with learning a stick shift. When I lived in Fargo, I worked in HR for the first time and learned about benefits. I wish schools had to teach students about retirement account and health benefit terminology basics.

    • Very good idea. Retirement accounts still confuse me! Health benefits aren’t much easier. I also think some tax/IRS stuff is confusing. School should teach that stuff – atleast give you the basics of it all!

  3. Yes for CPR of course! Also I think everyone should know how to have a conversation with a stranger – communication skills have totally tanked in this country! Also, like your above friends said changing a tire (I don’t know how) and basic financial skills.

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