Housewarming Gift Basket.

Kyle’s sister and brother-in-law recently bought a new house and are hosting a housewarming open house soon. I wanted to give something that she (they) would be sure to love without spending a fortune. I decided on a gift basket (well not technically a basket), because who doesn’t love a gift basket!? They are definitely one of my favorite gifts to receive! They enjoy cooking and she prefers whole wheat, organic, and healthy food options. So I decided to go with a pasta dinner basket.

Here’s what I included in my basket:
Threshold Metal Colander (Target)
Barilla Whole Wheat Pasta (I was originally going to use spaghetti but it didn’t look right because the package is tall & thin.)
Organic Pasta Sauce
Two small cookbooks (one of pasta dishes, one of salads)
*UPDATE (1-25-14): I found these cute gift tags from Darling Doodle Design, so I added the first one tied to the pasta sauce with some string.


It was so easy to assemble. You just have to arrange everything so that it looks nice and ‘works together’. I put the noodles in first, then the sauce, followed by the cookbooks. You can assemble them anyway you’d like though! If I get to the craft store I will by some raffia string in two compatible colors and tie a bow around the strainer. You could use ribbon or a Christmas bow if you’d like, but it’s cute enough without adding any extra décor!


The best thing about gift baskets is that you can choose the items and arrange them any way you’d like. Other items you could use include: artisan bread, olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, wine, spice rubs, etc. Or you could go with a totally different theme like hot sauce & beer. Maybe they enjoy game night, make a baskets with cards, dice, and a board game. What ever the specific couple likes. The possibilities are endless!


6 thoughts on “Housewarming Gift Basket.

  1. I do gift baskets all of the time for presents and I think they are a fabulous idea. I love your idea of using the colander as the basket! Cute, cute, cute. They will love it.

  2. Very cute. I too love putting together fun gift baskets like this for different occasions. My last housewarming “basket” I made was for our new tenants and included things like outlet adapters (because it is an old house with just two-prong outlets in all the rooms in the house besides the kitchen and bathroom), a flashlight, nail hole filler, goo gone, extension cord, power strip, and a subscription to our local newspaper. I put it all in a cleaning bucket. We also put a case of beer in the fridge and a package of bacon in the freezer for them…

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