Why I Don’t Like Your Blog.

OK, so that title sounded a little harsh, I just wanted to get your attention. More accurately it should be titled ‘what frustrates me about your blog’, ‘what your blog is missing’, or ‘why I won’t read your blog’. And it’s not because of you, it’s your blog.

1. No social media links. There has been many times where I have found a blog that I would love to follow but it was on a different site (blogger, etc.) that had no way for me to follow. I don’t use Google Friend Connect, but I do use Facebook, Bloglovin, and follow by email. I feel everyone should have the links somewhere on their page. Sure, I could look it up on Facebook or Bloglovin but I’m not going to.

2. No about me page. I like to learn about the blogger, it makes me feel more connected. It also helps me to get a better understanding of who the blogger is, what they stand for, and their background. It makes us like besties.

3. No search bar. Two main reasons I hate when blogs don’t have a search bar: 1. I’m at your blog because of Pinterest and they just linked to your blog not the actual post, I want to search your blog for the project I’m looking for. I’m not going to scroll through 6 years of posts. 2. If I like a topic you’re writing about and want to search for more info/similar posts I can’t. Bummer.

4. No picture. I like to see who I’m reading about. This goes along with number 2. And it makes me feel like you’re not some creepy guy posing as a 20-something lady.

5. No contact information. Kind of goes along with number 1. If I have a question, etc. and want to be able to email you privately, I feel I should be able too. Either by an email or a contact form.

6. Having to subscribe to post a comment. This is something I’ve noticed on some blogger blogs. You have to subscribe to the RSS feed in order to comment. Well this somewhat goes with number 1 also. I have a different blog platform and follow non-wordpress blogs via Facebook, Bloglovin, or email. I don’t want to subscribe to a RSS feed to comment. I should be able to comment without following you anyways.

7. Captcha! I’ll give you guys a break on this one, but still it annoys me :). This is one of the main reasons I chose WordPress over Blogger. I hate those Captcha! (word verification) widgets to prove I’m human and not a robot. It’s just seems like such a waste of time to me, WordPress just sorts any spam comments into a separate folder (like your email), much more simple and not so annoying.

8. Autoplaying videos and music (background music). Not a huge deal because usually my computer is muted. But I am usually multitasking and have 93857 tabs open (I’m not the only one, right? Especially on Pinterest…) and if I want to use audio on a different tab I will x out of your blog because the music (if I can easily turn off the video/song I might not x out). Seriously, if I want to watch or listen to something I’ll click on it, promise! As far as background music goes – this isn’t MySpace I don’t want to hear it. Maybe just have a sound bar on the side so I can click play, but that’s it.

9. Overdone with Ads. I have no problems with ads on a blog but when they are everywhere taking up 75% of the blog I’m no longer interested in your content. And please no pop-ups (including the ads that popout when you put your mouse over them).

10. Too Hard to Read. For the most part I don’t care what your blog looks like. Including color, patterns, schemes, fonts, etc. My problem is when it’s near impossible to see the content due to the color, design, template, etc. You know what I mean? Like when I can barely decipher the text because of the style (cursive, etc.) or the background color and text color are too close and it’s hard to read.

blogsHow do you feel about this list? What are your like, dislikes, must-haves of a blog? Leave it in the comments below! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have about your blog, I’ll do my best to answer them!


38 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Your Blog.

  1. You and I have the same likes and dislikes when it comes to blogs. I do not pretend to be an expert at all on design or writing or anything, really, but ….I know what irritates me and what draws me in. Music on blogs is a huge turn off to me. Captcha = frustration. I can never read them correctly and have you ever listened to the audio of them? It sounds nothing like what is written. Nothing. I have 2 blogs I follow that use it and I reluctantly continue to comment on them because they are family. If not family–I would not bother. Content is what matters to me and I love to read a well written post —like yours today. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I just thought I’d post this, some people might not realize that changing some things like adding an email address or search bar and really help people and encourage them to follow their blog! πŸ™‚

  2. Totally agree on the proving that I am not a robot!! I never get it right the first time and it drives me crazy!

    I also love wordpress and so glad I chose if for my blog. I still have more to learn about how it all works, so if you ever have suggestions, send them my way! As long as you come and show me how to do it. πŸ˜‰

    • Haha I’m still learning! But I can try to help if you ever have any questions. I’m glad I chose WordPress too, but I wish we could have widgets/embed things in our actual post. But oh well! πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with Laurie. I am a bigger fan of wordpress for many reasons. However, I sympathize with anyone who doesn’t have the best picture. I don’t like to stand in front of lenses too often, let alone by myself (selfies or felfies are not what I do haha).

  4. I hate autoplaying anything on any platform. I almost got rid of instagram because the videos before I figured out how to turn off the sound. To me, autosound is very 1999. I’ve got most of your criteria down, still working on a picture, I’m just too picky. I hadn’t considered a search bar, good idea.

  5. I’m with blogger, but I turned off most of those annoying widgets so that they wouldn’t irritate my readers.

    I have to say, I agree with you on ALL of those points – but I would like to add one more: poor writing. I will not remain a follower of a blog whose writer doesn’t know how to use punctuation properly, or that sentences should begin with capital letters, or that periods go at the end of a sentence. It’s actually really irritating. I can handle less-than-perfect photographs or graphics, because not every blogger is a talented photographer. Equally, small mistakes I can forgive (because, let’s be honest, we all make them), but if a blogger is consistently messing up basic writing skills, I turn and run in the other direction and never come back. Well-written posts are important; the grammar that structures them equally so.

  6. I hear you on a lot of these things. I think I have a captcha! I don’t know how to get rid of it. I will have to look at that. Silly Blogger. Can’t wait to get off of that platform. I just added an about me page too because I realized I appreciate that reference on other blogs. Agree with you and Beth about about background music on blogs. I don’t mind a little advertising, but if a blog’s all about ads and sponsored posts, I am not that interested in reading.

    • If you have blogger (at least the free version) I think you might be stuck with captcha – but I’m not totally sure you’d have to ask someone who has blogger.

    • I think you can turn off the captcha in blogger – I think mine is turned off. You go to your blogger home page for the blog. Go down to settings on the left hand side. Under settings click posts and comments. Turn your word verification to “no” and I think that should turn it off. If that doesn’t make sense you can email me and I can try to explain it better, lol!

  7. I’ve also thought many of these things myself when I visit people’s blogs. Especially the search bar and not being able to find an email. I love it when people have the buttons at the top for facebook/twitter/etc – makes it so easy to find and follow people! I try to keep mine so people don’t have to enter the stupid codes when they try to comment – I’m hoping it’s not set like that now? I admit sometimes I have to do it when the spam gets out of control though. I have blogger but have honestly thought about switching to wordpress before – it seems better but I’m not sure. The only other thing I would add is I hate when people include pictures in their posts but make the pictures so tiny you can’t hardly see them! Drives me nutty. I’ve been known to make my pictures a little too big sometimes but I’d much rather them be big than not be able to see it at all… why even post pics if you can’t see what it is!

    • I agree about the pictures, too big is way better than too small! I honestly don’t know which one is better wordpress or blogger. They both have their own positives and negatives. πŸ™‚

  8. Agree to all of those! As a new blogger I think I meet all of your criteria (feeling a little proud). Hooray! I also like a blogger who has good spelling and grammar capabilities. -Alex

  9. Great list! I have blogger and you can turn the Captcha on or off. I use to not use it on my blog but actually about a year ago turned it on because I was getting so many spam comments. I agree that it isn’t fun but it helps keep my inbox from filling up.

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