Wedding Dilemma #1. Help!

Oh man we don’t even have a date set and I’m having Wedding Dilemma #1! And the date is not even the dilemma. I found John Deere tractor cufflinks. I know I’m going to buy them for Kyle and keep them a surprise. I wouldn’t be buying them so soon but the sale ends soon and I don’t know if I’ll be able to find them closer to the wedding. OK, so here’s my problem: Originally, I was just going to get them for Kyle so his stood out. But then I thought about how all the groomsmen are as much into tractors as he is, so maybe I should get them for Kyle & the groomsmen. But them my mom said well maybe you should get them for Kyle and the groomsmen plus Kyle’s dad and our grandpas (who are equally obsessed with tractors as everyone else). My grandpa will be walking me down the aisle, if that makes a difference. I’m pretty sure I just think too much. I don’t have very much experience with weddings in general, so we’re going to need to start a ‘Lipstick & Tractors Wedding Support Group’ for me :). So I would love to hear your guy’s opinions! Who do you think should get the tractor cuff links? Would it be weird if all the guys had them?


14 thoughts on “Wedding Dilemma #1. Help!

  1. I think getting them for all the men is a great idea! It could be like a theme 🙂 but if you feel like Kyle’s cuffs should stand out, get them only for him. Because if all the other men wear them and he does not, how is he going to find something just as cool or better for the event? I have no idea 😀 Good luck with everything!

  2. I think he should wear something special that you’ve given to him. It would be a fantastic story to share throughout the years, and even pass them down to one of your children someday? “Oh these cufflinks? Your mom gave them to me to wear on our wedding day…” I’m a sappy romantic like that. 🙂

  3. If you think the other guys would enjoy them but you don’t want them to wear them on day of you could still get them but give it to them as their groomsmen gift. Although I do like the idea of his standing out… honestly (this coming from someone who was way too detail oriented with her wedding), while some people may notice them most people probably won’t and def won’t 10-20 years from now. And it pictures you will much more notice their outfits and ties and whatnot. I guess what I’m saying is while I totally (totally) understand where you’re coming from don’t stress too much on this one little detail! 🙂

    • I know, I’m too detail oriented! And you’re so right most people people won’t even see them. I think I’m just going to buy him a set so his are special. 🙂

  4. I love the idea of everyone having them, but I think you should just get them for Kyle. Although they would make an excellent gift for the groomsmen and the men involved in the wedding, cufflinks are really more of a “keepsake”, in my opinion. Not many men wear cufflinks on a regular basis these days. I would get a more practical gift for the groomsmen, that way they can use it often and think about you guys when they do! 🙂

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking because the guys would never wear them again. I do think his dad and our grandpas would like them and cherish them. But I don’t know I might just get them for Kyle and stop stressing over them.

  5. Here’s an idea. You could get Kyle the cuff links – that way he has something special. Then maybe you could get all the guys John Deer suspenders. During the wedding ceremony the suspenders wouldn’t be showing because they’d be hidden under their jackets but then everyone would be able to see them at the reception. My husband was in a wedding where they all had tractor suspenders and I thought it was a fun idea. Here are the ones they received:

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