Tractor of the Month.

You ever have those days where you go to sit down and blog, but can’t think of a single thing to write about no matter how hard you try? Well that’s been me this week. I don’t know maybe it’s because I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t had the time to do much in blogland. Or maybe because I’m still in shock that my post So God Made a Farmer’s Wife has had 68,000+ views in the 5 days that it has been published. I know that’s not much to many bloggers but to me it’s a big deal!

But anyways…

Several months ago Kyle entered into a contest through Tom’s Agri-Diesel our of Harlan, IA. To enter the contest you had to submit a photo of a tractor you restored using Tom’s A-D/PowerMax Parts along with a brief summary about your tractor. The prize was: tractor featured in the newsletter as ‘Tractor of the Month’, picture in the Tom’s A-D calendar, and a $50 Visa gift card. We decided to submitted his 1966 John Deere 3020LP. Here’s the summary:

For my 16th birthday my dad and I went down to McCool, Mississippi to pick up this tractor. We brought it back to Iowa and restored it using a Reliance overhaul kit from Tom’s Agri-Diesel. That summer it took 1st place at the Iowa State Fair in the Restored Tractor – Original class.

We didn’t hear anything from Tom’s and actually forgot all about it until one day we we’re picking up parts and the employee mentioned seeing Kyle’s tractor in the newsletter. So that was a nice little surprise. Tom’s A-D contacted him in December to let him know he’d won and to send him the gift card and some calendars. His tractor is featured in January and since the calendar contains January 2015, it’s featured twice! Another nice surprise.


So how about some before and after pictures? Because I know ya’ll are dying to see what it looked like before. 😉

May I present to you the ‘before’ picture. She was quite the gem, don’tcha think!?Before (2)

You’ve already seen the ‘after’ from the calendar, but here ya go anyways.


8 thoughts on “Tractor of the Month.

  1. Wow–that is an amazing transformation! And congrats on the views on So God Made a Farmer’s Wife! That is amazing. I would be reeling if I ever got that many views!! Way to go!

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