I could be an Olympian if these were Olympic events.

In the midst of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, I thought I’d write you this fun little post. Now I might not be an all-star athlete, but I could bring home the gold in these events:

Sarcasm. I would hands-down hold a world record on number of gold medals won in this category. It just comes natural.

Watching consecutive hours of Bones. I could definitely give you a run for your money. I’m currently watching my way through all the season, for a second time. And they’re still not old.

Eating shrimp or crab at a buffet. I’m not proud of this, but I get my monies worth. Ha. It’s scary, yet slightly impressive. No, I’m really not that bad. I can just eat more than you think by looking at me. Obviously, Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster is my favorite promotion of the year.

Cuddling. This would be my all-time favorite event.

Organizing. Mainly because I have slight OCD. Not really, but whatever, things must be organized.

Multitasking. I am always doing multiple things and have 100 things in my head. Especially at work, there’s always a million things I need to be doing at the same time. And then an alarm goes off and I have to drop everything and sprint off. (Hey, isn’t sprinting an Olympic event?)

Just call me the next Steve Prefontaine.



11 thoughts on “I could be an Olympian if these were Olympic events.

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    • I’ve made crab a couple of times at home, it turns out OK. But it’s expensive, so I like the buffets ;). I can’t remember where you are from but The Isle Casino in Waterloo has a all-you-can-eat crab and steak buffet on Friday & Saturday nights! (I think most casinos in Iowa do this.)

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