February 2014 Birchbox & Ipsy Reviews.

I’m a little behind posting my monthly review for my subscription boxes, so I will being doing both in one post. I apologize if there are a lot of errors or I don’t make sense, I got stuck at work after working second shift last night because of the blizzard. I’m working with about 4 hours of sleep. On a side note, I got a notification from WordPress that I signed up 4 years ago. I was never able to stick with it or blog consistently before but on this blog I have been updating it regularly for about 9 months! Baby steps…

Anyways, let’s get to the reviews!

Birchbox is a beauty subscription box for $10/month. If you’d like to sign up please CLICK HERE to use my referral code and get signed up! This month’s theme was ‘Step & Repeat’. Also, this month Birchbox collaborated with US Weekly for this month’s theme and products.


This month I received some pretty great products, check them out.


Here is the card that shows the brands, names, andΒ  (full-sized) prices of the items I received.


Agave Healing Oil Treatment.Β  To be honest, I’m over the whole hair oil fad. I have like 10 bottles.I haven’t tried this, but I am interested that since it is called a ‘treatment’ that it will be more conditioning than regular hair oil. A little cardboard sample, which is a little disappointing because you can easily get these free.

Benefit Fakeup. I was pretty excited to see this in my box! I have been wanting to try this product for awhile. It works well and is a pretty decent sample size!

Dr. Brandt Pores No More. Again I was excited to see this! I haven’t used it yet to say if it works, but I’ve heard good things. My t-zone gets a little oily sometimes so it will be great to have this to use on those days. It’s a good sized sample so I think it’ll last me a long time since I won’t need to use it daily.

OPI Sheer Tints in I Can Teal You Like Me. I was kind of shocked to see OPI in my box! It says you can wear it alone for a subtle tint so I put some on one of my nails and it left a see through blue-ish color – reminded me of someone who has a 70% 02 level (maybe it’s just a nurse thing). I think it would look much nicer over a color though! It’s supposed to add a ‘chic shade-shifting effect’.

Benefit Cosmetics Big Easy. You can’t even call this a foil packet, it’s one of those card you rip out of a magazine. You know that barely had enough product for half your face. Totally disappointed in this. I don’t see how these can be considered one of our items. I know it was the beauty extra so it doesn’t count towards the value of the box but still, it’s a bit ridiculous. However, from what I could tell I think this would be a good product!

I have a love-hate relationship with this box. Overall I love the box and the products. But I hate that they brought back tiny samples. I do however think I am getting closer to having my beauty profile setup exactly how I want it! I’m loving the Fakeup, OPI polish, and the Pores No More! I am happy with my box compared to a lot of boxes I have seen, but man I was feeling a bit jealous when I saw some people got that Coastal Scents eye shadow palette :).

Now for my Ipsy bag review.

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box. Each month you get 5-6 beauty products inside a makeup bag. If you’d like to subscribe to Ipsy, I’d appreciate you using my referral link. It arrives each month in a pink bubble mailer!

This month’s theme was ‘The Look of Love’. And I’m definitely getting a Valentine/Love vibe from these products and bag!


Here’s what I received this month:


POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini in Peony Petal. Nice deep pinkish color. This is a lip gloss but also has the qualities of a stain, so it’s more of a liquid lipstick. It has a much more opaque color than a ‘normal’ lip gloss. Stays on nicely and has a cute bottle.

City Color Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon. I was excited for a matte blush, because most all of the ones I own are shimmery. I haven’t opened it yet/worn it, because I think the color might not be right for me. It’s a very bright coral, not bad but I’m used to wearing more of a rose color. We’ll see, maybe I’ll try it!

Zoya Nail Polish in Dot. Pretty, pastel pink polish. Perfect for Easter or using with a french manicure. Or just using it for allover nail color, it’s pretty :).

Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in One in Ambrosia. I didn’t know if I’d like this since I’m usually not a fan of cream eye shadows. But this one really surprised me! It goes on as a cream and dries to a powder, it is easy to apply and blend. It seems to stay put pretty well and I really liked the color.

IPKN New York BB Cream in 02 Light. As with hair oil, I’m over the hole A/B/C/D cream. I feel like they all have an orangey tint to them (at least the ‘light’ shades). I feel like this once was just like any BB cream. It blends OK and covers minor blemishes. It does seem to do an OK job of moisturizing the skin, as that was one of the claims.Again I was really happy with this box. I’m getting a little sick of all the constant reds and pinks, but the shades this month for the most part were OK. It would be great if there were no BB creams next month πŸ˜‰ hint hint. I don’t really know what products I hoping for next month, just a good surprise!

9 thoughts on “February 2014 Birchbox & Ipsy Reviews.

  1. I like the side by side review. Looks like we got the same bag. That eye shadow and lip gloss are really fantastic. I use them every day now. I tried the nail polish yesterday. It’s a fun color, but took a long time to dry.

  2. I got the exact same Birchbox as you did, and I agree, kind of disappointing. I must say that the hair oil seems to be better than others I have tried. It seems to soak in and condition your hair rather than sit on top of your hair and make it oily/shiny. I loved the Fakeup and will probably buy the full size product eventually. Not thrilled with the OPI or The Big Easy sample. The pore refiner is good, too, but I don’t know that I would buy it since I use a primer every day anyway. I was pumped to get this box when I went online to see what I was getting, but I was majorly let down when I opened my box to see the size of the samples. I was really expecting a small tube of The Big Easy.

  3. I love how you put both boxes in one post! great idea! I think Ipsy beat Birchbox this month in general! Even though I think I liked my Birchbox better than what you got (sorry) I really loved everything in my Ipsy bag this month! I think Birchbox should have given everyone one of those Big easy card samples as an extra item this month instead of disappointing some people with a dinky sample. Boo!

  4. I love ipsy! For the March 2014 Glam Bag I received the bareminerals lipstick, the bora bora eyeshadow quad, the chella blue eye liner, and the vita liberata luxury tan. I absolutely love getting new makeup every month! The website itself is a lot of fun, and so is following ipsy on Facebook, there is a strong sense of community with other women that are also interested in makeup.
    Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Check it out here: http://www.ipsy.com/r/73vu

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