Mug O’ Comfort Swap Reveal.

Recently I participated in the Mug O Comfort Swap hosted by CG Swaps. For this swap I was paired up with Mackenzie, and boy did she spoil me! I love that she really used my blog to pick items she thought I would like (which I did!). I can’t wait to participate in their future swaps! Anyways you probably want to know what all I got, so here ya go!

Mug O Comfort Swap

St. Ives Energizing Citrus & Vitamin C Fresh Hydration Lotion. A spray-on lotion, pretty neat! I’ve been wanting to try this.

Cute mug from Threshold. You can find it at Target, love their stuff.

Spice Dragon Red Chai Tea. This one sounds interesting, can’t wait to give it a try.

Breakfast in Paris Tea. I’m really excited about this one! Doesn’t it just sound good?

Ciate Nail Polishes in Stylish Studs, Midnight in Manhattan, and Chinchilla. I was SO happy to see these in my package! Seriously! I’ve always wanted to try them but never have. So excited, eek. 🙂

Sephora Ribbon Hair Ties in a lace pattern. Very cute. Since I’m a nurse I have to wear my hair in a ponytail often so these are great because they don’t leave that bump in your hair.

And a sweet letter from Mackenzie!


19 thoughts on “Mug O’ Comfort Swap Reveal.

  1. I am getting ready to write my post and thought I should check out what others had done for their write ups!!! Love all the goodies you got in yours! I had Jenni from Sincerely Jenni and she totally went overboard!!! Great post!

    • I did try it. It is pretty convenient. Reminds me of the spray on sunblock if you’ve ever used that. You still kinda have to rub it in or maybe I sprayed on too much 🙂

  2. Wow, what a great package! I love the mug, and how fun that you can paint your nails while enjoying your tea! 😀
    Thanks for joining us for the swap!

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