Wedding Update #1.

wedding update

Wedding binder. Created.
Date. July 25, 2015.
Ceremony Location. St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church.
Reception Location. The Center Inn.
DJ. LNS Sounds.
Colors. Blush & mint (with gray).
Theme. Romantic, country, best day ever, causal, fun.

Picking the wedding party.

Looking at.
Table decor.

So as you can see we have the major decisions done (well most of them). It’s kind of nerve-wracking picking all these big deal things right away, I don’t know I guess I just want everything to turn out OK and be how we want it. I’ve even created a wedding binder for all my planning stuff, it’s really cute. I plan on doing a separate post on it, so stay tuned. I have been confident about what colors I wanted from the beginning, though. Blush & mint, basically light pink and a blue-greeny turquoisey color :). So it’s a hard color to describe! But I think you know what I mean? I am a little worried about finding what I want in the mint color. It is a pretty popular color right now so I’m hoping it won’t be a problem. I’m still undecided if I want the bridesmaids dresses to be mint or blush. Also I know I want the guys to wear gray rather than black, but we haven’t looked at tuxes/suits yet. I feel really weird saying blush and mint. I’m not that type of person, I’m pretty simple. But in the wedding world there are 5,450 shades of each color so it’s important to be specific. I’d much rather say pink and turquoise, but that’s a little too vague. I don’t know, I feel I sound prissy saying it. Haha. We don’t really have a theme for our wedding, but we’re aiming for a romantic country feel with a bit of the best day ever thrown in. We want to keep it causal and fun. Rather than a theme it should probably be tags, since there’s a bunch rather than one specific like ‘beach’. #awesome

In the next couple of weeks we’re going to meet with a potential photographer. I really love her work AND she seems to have one of the better deals. I’m pretty sure this is who I want to go with but I am SO nervous about committing (hahaha). Mainly because the photography is really important to me, and I just want to make the right choice. I feel like I should meet with some other photographers, but I’ve compared places online and keep going back to the same one, not even wanting to meet with any others so I don’t know. Decisions, decisions. Did you meet with several photographers, or did you know who you wanted right away? As far as the wedding party, we pretty much have our bridesmaids/groomsmen picked but haven’t asked anyone yet. Still a couple of small decisions to make. We have ideas for ushers, hosts, guest book attendants, flower girls, ring bearer,  etc. but need to buckle down and get that sorted out pretty soon also. We also need to look into caterers. There aren’t a whole lot around, so there’s less to choose from. Meaning we should book sooner so we can get who we want.

I’ve been researching and ordering a ton of (free) invitation samples. I don’t really have a specific design in mind. I know it’s pretty far out for invitations but not as far for save the dates and I’d like to have a general idea of what I want because that will help with other design elements. I’m totally undecided with table decor, not really a big deal right now. I’m just pinteresting to find things I like. I’m way to type A and OCD not to.

And I know I pretty much sound like a crazy person saying I, I, I and you probably want to smack me and tell me it’s not all about me. But don’t worry, I know that! Kyle just doesn’t really care what we do, he tells me we aren’t having engagement pictures and he’s wearing jeans! It’s OK because I still include him on all decision-making. I finally talked him into meeting with said photographer (who is 1.5 hours away) by saying we could go to the farm toy museum (located in the same town). It’s all about compromising people.


14 thoughts on “Wedding Update #1.

  1. What I learned from my wedding is that I was too busy being in love and enjoying my new husband to even notice all the details we worked on that I was sure I would care about, lol.

  2. Oh and as for the photographer, this is one thing you will really want to be picky about. Look at portfolio’s, make sure they can handle your style of wedding. We put out cheap one time use camera’s on the reception tables and they were some of the best pictures we had from the celebration. Very candid. We skimped and had a family friend take them, and I will always regret it, she decided to play with fancy filters for her camera that day, and we all look blue…..

  3. I was a wedding where they did grey tuxes last year and they looked really nice. We got our big decisions out to the way fast as well and then worked on having months were we didn’t do anything for the wedding! Your big day will be wonderful.

  4. Have you ever seen the movie “Steel Magnolias?” Her wedding colors were ‘blush’ and ‘bashful’ (which were really just PINK and PINK) so I don’t think anyone could get as specific as that! Sounds like you are right on track with getting things planned, and I’m sure it will be beautiful!

  5. Planning a wedding is no easy business. I don’t have much room to talk, since mine was SUPER simple (married in an art gallery on a Tuesday night after work by a JP!). Also, I went to Wartburg for my Bachelor’s degree, and bartender at the Center Inn for about 6 months. Small world 🙂

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