Survival Kit Essentials.

I was contacted by Man Crates Gifts for Men to share my top five must-haves for a survival kit. This wasn’t supposed to be your average list of survival items, but just those ‘fun’ items you can’t live without.

Man Crates is gift box for men. Most arrive in a wood crate with a personalized crowbar to open it with. There are crates for every personality; survivalist, carnivore, beer lover, snack enthusiast, gamer, or athlete. The crates include themes such as; whiskey, jerky, bacon, gamer, snacks, new dads, survival, grill master, coffee, shaving, and even old school.

Rather than doing the standard survival items of food, water, a plane, a boat, your mom and husband I decided to have some fun with my five items…

5 Survival Kit Must-Haves1|2|3|4|5

1 | Pepsi. It’s a must-have for me, gotta have my caffeine fix. Hey, I’m a nurse I need it to get through the shift.

2| Carmex Cherry Lip Balm. I’m also a fan of cherry Chapstik. The Carmex balm doesn’t smell or taste the best, but it works. I use it every night it keeps my lips from chapping and getting dry. I use Chapstik during the day because it works but isn’t as strong.

3 | Samsung Galaxy S4. My phone. I’m not one of those people who always have there phone glued to their head or couldn’t survive without it. But this is a survival kit and a phone comes in pretty dang handy! Plus, I’d have internet access, games, apps, etc. Gotta have something to do.

4 | Kenra Dry Shampoo. Gotta keep your hair looking and smelling nice. I’m a big fan of this dry shampoo, works great and smells good.

5 | Crest Pro-Health Gum Protection. C’mon people it’s a survival kit, gotta have your toothpaste. This is by far my favorite toothpaste ever. It’s minty fresh and leaves your month and teeth feeling clean all day.

What are 5 items you can’t live without?

And with the holiday season quickly approaching be sure to checkout Man Crates for a great gift for the men in your life.


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