Don’t Be That Nurse.

The Complainer. Don’t complain about everything, everyday. There’s always that one nurse that complains about EVERYTHING, the food, the patients, the weather, the scrubs, the building temperature, the families, the other nurses, the meds, the treatments, everything I mean it. This gets real old, real fast. Pull up your big girl panties and GROW UP.

The Know-It-All. And there’s always the one that knows everything. Super nurse 3000. They’ve been there done that and better than you… You need to be a team player if you’re going to work in nursing healthcare. Sure it’s great to offer advice or constructive criticism, but not if you’re only doing so to hear yourself talk. You’re not better than everyone else, come back down to reality.

The Drama Queen. The one that turns everything into a huge deal. Freaking out, running around. Getting in a tizzy over something minor. Not using any critical thinking. Basically they’ve seen too many episode of ER and Gray’s Anatomy. One of the most important skills you will need as a nurse is the ability to stay calm in emergency and stressful situations. You need to be able to function and get things done for your patient.

The Lazy One. Then we have the one that wants to do nothing. Delegating everything to the CNAs. Trying to get out of everything. Leaving treatments for oncoming shifts. Get with the program, you need to be there for your patients and their families. I’ve seen several reasons why this happens; the one that doesn’t think they need to do it, the burnt out one, the one who needs to retire, and the one who is just generally lazy in every aspect. Somethings I do question how some people completed nursing school and passed boards. Nursing and lazy should never be used in the same sentence.

What are other traits to avoid picking up as you become a nurse?

don't be tachy


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Nurse.

  1. I have far more experience with the Know-it-all. In my sector there’s one old nurse that acts just like that and I’m embarrassed to say anything to her because I don’t want to be rude 🙂 And there’s another type: the gossiper. OMG there’s that one nurse that knows who everyone dated 5 years ago and what everyone had for dinner last night. And she gladly tells everyone (including patients) about it. Good luck with your colleagues ! ^_^

    • So true! I’m surprised I forgot about the gossiper! For the most part that’s not too bad where I work but it is really bad with the CNAs but I kinda think that’s everywhere.

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