Holiday Swap Reveals.

Over this past holiday season I participated in several swaps. Over Christmas I got sick with the flu, then on New Years had strep throat – so I’m finally feeling better and have some time to catch up on blogging.

Giving Thanks Box hosted by Emma & Nicole
I was partnered with Adrienne for the swap.

2014 Ornament Swap hosted by Dawn
I was partnered with Lisa for this swap.
from lisa to brandi
Scarf Swap hosted by Bethani
I sent to Bethani and  received from Melanie.

Color Swap hosted by Melissa
I was partnered with Nina for the swap.

12 Days of Christmas Swap hosted by CG Swaps
I was partnered with Brittney for the swap.

Merry & Bright Swap 2014 hosted by Bailey
I was partnered with Bex for the swap.

Christmas in the Country hosted by Jamie, Laurie, Robyn, & Erin
I was received from Nicole and sent to Sarah.

Great Christmas Swap.20141211_105911


3 thoughts on “Holiday Swap Reveals.

  1. Glad you are feeling better Brandi! Wow! You did participate in some fantastic swaps! So glad that you were able to participate in Christmas in the Country again. The turnout was fantastic. Best wishes for 2015 and wedding planning!
    Laurie – Country Link

  2. WOW- what a haul! That’s gotta help, while you’re battling so many illnesses and ickiness. Thanks for participating in the 12 Days Swap- looks like Brittney sent you some really fun goodies!

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