Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler.

OK people this thing is a game changer. I’ll be the first to admit curling my hair with a regular curling iron or wand was not my strong suit. But with the Kiss Instawave I can get flawless curls every time.

instawave-featuresAt first this curler looks a bit intimidating, but no worries it’s simple and easy to use. My biggest fear is that it would tangle by hair and it would burn it while I was trying to get it untangled, but that wasn’t at all the case! I have long hair (mid-lower chest length) and this worked no problem. It’s also great because you can pick how tight or loose you want your curls by wrapping your hair tighter or looser and it has a directional switch so you can pick which was the curl will spiral.

You can have beautifully curled hair in just 4 easy steps!
1) Hold InstaWave upright and place 1-2 inches of hair onto curler.
2) Press button to instantly catch hair and rotate curl barrel. Hold button until hair is fully around barrel, then release.
3) Allow barrel to heat hair for 3 to 10 seconds (time depends on style of curl and hair type).
4) Pull InstaWave gently downward to release a beautiful curl.


Currently InstaWave is available at Target and Ulta.


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