About Me

Hi, my name is Brandi!

I am a 20-something wife, daughter, sister, dog mom, agvocate, and nurse.
My roots are planted on a farm in small town Iowa.
I blog about life, love, nursing, food, farming, and fun.
Lipstick and tractors collide in my world.
I am a lover of country music, adventure, and laughing.
I believe in God, good friends, and standing up for what you believe in.
I speak sarcasm as a second language and never take life too seriously.
You can find me binge watching Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, and Bones.
Coffee = Love. And I spend too much time shopping on Amazon.

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Brandi,

    Just saw you were following my blog and came for a look-see. Love your page. I live right across the world – in India. 🙂 Farming’s all new to me – my parents have just bought one, and we’re still learning the ropes. I’m hoping it will turn out well. Lots of luck to you too!

  2. Brandi, I am much older than you…my children are older than you! I read and loved your God made a Farmer’s Wife. It is wonderful. I grew up the oldest in a farm family and I worked hard. I don’t regret a moment of it. I love the life my husband and I have made living in a small town but every once in a while I miss farm life. Good luck as you and your farm family go through life. It is a wonderful life for children

  3. New to your blog because of the God Made a Farmer’s post that someone posted to my Facebook wall. Farming is definitely the best way to live your life! Can’t wait to catch up on all your posts!

  4. Welcome to the farming way of life! You will meet the most competitive, but caring people in your life. You compete with them for corn yields, county fairs, and tractor pulls, but if something happens to one of our own, farmers from all over pull together to help each other. I am a farmers daughter, I lost my first farmer/husband to a terrible disease and now I have found another “salt of the earth” farmer to be my husband. I left the corporate world to be a farm wife full-time. Welcome and I look forward to your posts.

  5. From one Iowa blogger to another, Hello! I saw your post on Sincerely Jenni this morning and had to stop by. I grew up in NE Iowa too, but now live near Cedar Rapids. My parents and sisters still live up there. I’m a Valley grad, but I am “tad” older than you! I look forward to reading more!

  6. Our stories are similar. I have no direct ag background, but I met my farmer while finishing my nursing degree and he was in the crop sciences program!

  7. Hey girl, happy I stumbled across your blog….I live in a NW town in Iowa…I’m from Ft Worth, TX. CULTURE SHOCK!!! I love it here though and wouldn’t change it for the world. Being the wife of a farmer is amazing and I have so much respect for this lifestyle I’ve been a part of for 10 years now. Thank you for your amazing blog!!!

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