Happy Valentine’s Day!


I get kind of sick of hearing people whine about Valentine’s Day and how stupid it is. Yes, I get that it’s commercialized and insane that the cost of flowers quadruple. But it doesn’t have to be about expensive meals or flowers, it shouldn’t be about those things. It should be about your significant other. Not in a relationship? That’s OK make it about the people you love; your mom, sister, best friend, etc! We actually celebrate unconventionally anyways! We always do a little something and get each other a little gift. Sometimes we go out to a nice dinner and sometimes we opt for somewhere we won’t want to wait an hour to eat! As far as flowers, sometimes I get them sometimes it’s something else. But you better believe he doesn’t spend $120 for 12 roses and a tiny teddy bear – and I don’t blame him! I read online (on FB or a blog, I don’t remember) a girl had a complete meltdown because her boyfriend bought her a plant rather than a bouquet -seriously!? The roses will die within a week, the plant will last well until you kill it. But anyways I’m just happy I have the best Valentine forever :). I love you, Kyle.

2013: A Year in Review.

year in review

Can you believe that 2014 is here? 2013 really flew by.
The year brought laughter, love, surprises, friends, family, sadness, and fun.

Let’s look back over some of the major events over the past 365 days:
I started this blog.
We finished remodeling our upstairs (hello, walk-in closet).
Held our Housewarming Open House.
Kyle put up his shop.
I sold my car and bought the Jeep.
We vacationed to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and road-tripped back home through Texas.
Annual Cedar Rapids/Coralville Trip with my mom and sister.
Got my current job.
Kyle competed in his first bus race.
Went to the State Fair, this year with NO tractors.
REO Speedwagon concert at the Bremer County Fair
18-hour roundtrip to Kansas to pick up a JD 4010.
As well and many other memorable moments.

Here’s to 2014. Let it be the best year yet.

What were your most memorable moments over the last year?

Check back this evening for my top 10 posts from 2013!