Memebox #1 Review.

When I was contacted by Memebox about reviewing one of there beauty boxes, it was something I couldn’t turn down! I was sent the Memebox Colorbox #1 Red.


Memebox is a beauty box from Korea, featuring popular beauty products from that area. They have SO many different types of boxes – so many that I want to try. They have colorbox, scentbox, boxes for the office or travel, you name it they have it!

You have probably figured out that since I received the Red Colorbox, that all the items are red in theme. The box included 5 full-sized items plus content card. This specific box retailed for $15.

20140812_153841Included beauty products:
Dearberry Flirt Lipstick 08 Red Parade ($12)
Dearberry Today Nail Laquer #21 Pink Sprinkling ($3)
L’OCEAN Eye Shadow L-35 Red ($10)
Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner 04 Burgundy ($10)
Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss #6 Red ($12)

That’s a $47 value, so this box is totally worth the $15. The lip gloss is neat that it’s two colors and you can apply the pink or red to create the look you want. The nail polish is a nice color and has nice coverage and wear-ability. I have not used the eye shadow or lipstick. I just don’t wear red lipstick or shadow. This was a really nice box my only dislike is that it is all red, but I’m not a red person. But I definitely plan to check out other boxes because like I said they offer such a wide variety.

I had a lot of fun trying out this box and can’t wait to try more of their boxes in the future.

Disclaimer: I received this box from Memebox to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ipsy vs. Birchbox.

I have subscribed to Birchbox and Ipsy both for a little under a year. In this time I’ve had some really great products and some pretty awful ones. Below is a list I’ve compiled of what I feel are the pros and cons of each of these subscriptions services.



  • Higher-end brands.
  • Points system. Birchbox by far has the best points system. Review your products each month, they rack up quick.
  • Can use points on anything in the store.
  • Can usually find a promo code for 100 extra points when you subscribe.


  • Many variations of boxes, sometimes I feel like I get  leftovers, and they are not equal in value.
  • Often small samples, even foil packets and those cards you rip out of magazines.
  • Rarely full-sized items.
  • Sometimes include random non-beauty items: snack bars, vitamins, etc (more often lately).



  • Often contains full-sized items.
  • Generally more makeup products in the bag each month.
  • Not as many variations each month so the bags are more equal.
  • Better spoilers/sneak peeks.
  • Receive a makeup bag each month.


  • Point system isn’t up to par. It would be almost impossible to acquire enough points to redeem without referring people.
  • Can only redeem points on 3-4 items that change slowly.
  • Sometiems the groups of products are not equal in value. For example a $30 Too Faced bronzer or a $6 Revlon lip stain.
  • Repeat brands. They have been better with this but for awhile several bags in a row contained the same brand.

 What are your thoughts on Birchbox or Ipsy?