Iowa State Fair.


Today we’re headed down to the Iowa State Fair. The best state fair, like they say ‘nothing compares’! We’re going to watch the FFA tractors be judged, roam around and check out exhibits, grab some free stuff, and eat WAY too much fried food on a stick. I’m going to skip the fried butter on a stick though! Oh, and of course you can’t forget the butter cow!


If you’re ever in Iowa during the state fair I definitely recommend checking it out! You’ll have a blast and it’s great fun for people of all ages. There are many different ‘kid areas’, free entertainment, grandstand events, air conditioned buildings, many exhibits, FFA/4-H projects, a tractor pull, and food. Oh so much food.  So come on over to Iowa and we’ll show you how we do it!

Got the job.

Well I just got home from my interview. I got the job! 🙂 It’s only PRN but like I said before she said there is usually hours and now that I’m an employee I can bid internally on jobs. It was kind of an intense interview. The DON was nice but asked page after page of interview questions. Yuck. I’m nervous but excited to start.

Take it on the Run.

So we did end up getting last minute tickets to REO Speedwagon. And by last minute I mean an hour and a half before it started. So that’s what we did last night. It was pretty good. I knew more of their songs then I thought I did. We got VIP tickets so there was unlimited food and drinks during the concert, score!


Job Interview.

I have an interview next Thursday at a local nursing home. I’m still not totally sure how I feel about it. It’s a PRN position but the lady said that there is usually always some shifts. It’ll be nice to pick-up a couple shifts a week, since I’m only getting every other weekend where I work now. I’m feeling pretty confident about getting hired though, as on the phone she said that she could “interview & hire me” for a PRN position. And once you’re an employee and a job opens up you can ‘bid’ on it and have a better chance of getting it. I need to start getting more hours so I able to save more money for the future. And it’s just nice because more hours = more money = nicer things. 🙂 And maybe it’ll kick Kyle into gear to buying that ring…


Fair Week.

Our county fair start Saturday and runs through Sunday. Saturday is just set-up and some bands play at night and the last Sunday is clean-up, take down, and release of exhibits. Starting Saturday night and continuing through next Saturday night we are busy every night. I tried to come up with a more clever title for this post but ‘fair week’ summed it up pretty good. Tonight Kyle thinks he’s just going to work on his truck and bus all night but I have other plans. Like you know a dinner & movie. But I’d settle for just dinner. Hint hint. 🙂

Our next week or so looks like this:
Saturday: Bus Races (this is actually at a different counties fair).*
Sunday: Farmer’s Tractor Pull (Sigh, Kyle just sold his pulling tractor so he won’t pull in this).
Monday: Tuff Truck Competition. It’s an obstacle course for junk vehicles.*
Tuesday: I work 1:30-9:30pm and Kyle has a friend’s birthday party.
Wednesday: Combine Demolition Derby. Pretty self-explanatory.*
Thursday: Scrambles.
Friday: REO Speedwagon concert. Not 100% for sure if we’re going.
Saturday: NTPA tractor pull.
*These are events Kyle will partake in. He’s quite the little go-getter, isn’t he?

I hate to say it but there will also probably be a lack of blog posts during this time, but I’ll do my best!



Today I blow out the candles for my 22nd birthday. I’m 22 on the 22nd, it’s my golden birthday :). Tonight I’ll be celebrating by going to Red Lobster with Kyle and my family. Isn’t funny how much things can change in a year? Here’s to a great year filled with love, family, friends, new opportunities, and memories.

Some things that have happened since my 21st birthday:
-Moved in with Kyle.
-Adopted out puppy Jules.
-Started working at Hillcrest & the shop.
-Mini-vacation to Prairie du Chien & Dubuque.
-Adventure to Kansas to get 4010LP.
-Went to Las Vegas & the Grand Canyon.
-Found a new hair dresser (she’s the best). That’s pertinent information, right?
-Confirmed that there is still a tie between Red Lobster & The Brown Bottle for my favorite restaurant.
-Learned a lot more about tractors and fieldwork.
-Fell even more in love with Kyle.
-Finished up the mini home renovation, now just finishing up decorating.

Now bring on the cake!