Seasons changing.

There’s something about this time of year. I’d say from the end of July until early November. The county fair, the state fair, the start of school (no longer for me), the beginning of fall, the end of summer, but still plenty of summer nights to enjoy. Hot days, cool nights, crisp leaves, and bonfires. That perfect weather where you can sit around a fire with friends in shorts and a sweatshirt. Harvest moons, changing leaves, brisk winds, occasional thunderstorms. And in that moment you realize how great your life is and how lucky you are to be able to enjoy it. Those lush green corn stalks stand 8 ft. tall and have started to turn beige. The first rawr of the combines heading to the fields and the hum of the semis downshifting as they wait to get filled with this years harvest. I don’t know what it is, but something about this time of year makes me sentimental. Maybe it’s because I’m now an adult that doesn’t go to school anymore and doesn’t get summer off. I guess it really is the little things in life that mean the most.1923092-corn-harvest