The aftermath.

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The field in the first picture is one that the farming operation farms. Not looking so good! Sorry for the poor picture quality they were taken with my cellphone going 60mph down the road. The photos make it look better than it is, these fields have turned into lakes. Everything is so flooded & wet that I saw a turtle trying to cross I-380 today when I went to town! Poor little guy hope he made it.

And the rain continues.

Can you believe that this time last year Iowa was facing one of the greatest droughts in recent history? It surpassed 1988; in fact you would have to go back until 1936 to find a summer that dry. It’s hard to think that 1 year, just 365 days later, Iowa would be drowning in rain. Crop planting isn’t finished and probably won’t be until well into June. If a field doesn’t have large pools of standing water, it’s a big soupy mess.

We are fortunate to live on high ground, no doubt water runs rampant in our ditches and surrounding fields are still drench. Just two miles away roads are closed, with a good possibility of being washed out. I’m sitting here watching a movie on TV and it keeps getting interrupted with severe thunderstorm warnings that keep getting closer county by county. Throughout the day I’ve also been getting emergency alerts on my phone that flash floods are occurring in our county.

My intentions were to post this last night but some things came up! We did get hit hard with rain. It poured and poured on and off the whole evening. The news said we had gotten over 3 inches of rain just last night! We went to town to run errands while it was raining so when there is a nice day Kyle can get things done outside. Our field had a lot of water in it and the ditch was filled with water. A mile down the road, right by the repair shop, water was actually of the road due to a plugged culvert. On the way to town we checked out the fields that the operation farms and so many had standing water, one looked like a lake rather than a field.

When we got home I went downstairs to do some laundry and well the basement had started to flood. The first 10-15 ft. was dry but then there was anywhere from 1 inch on the edge to 6-8 inches by the drain. The bad thing is that the man who lived here before us had the foundation spray foam, so we are unable to open the basement windows, so we have no way to use a sump pump to get the water out. Unless we ran it all the way across the basement, up the stairs, and out the front door or window in the mud room, that would be A LOT of hose. But this morning when I went down to check on the water in the basement most of the water had gone down (for now at least), luckily we do live on a hill!

Its seasons like this that remind everyone that Mother Nature gets to call the shots.