Holiday Swap Reveals.

Over this past holiday season I participated in several swaps. Over Christmas I got sick with the flu, then on New Years had strep throat – so I’m finally feeling better and have some time to catch up on blogging.

Giving Thanks Box hosted by Emma & Nicole
I was partnered with Adrienne for the swap.

2014 Ornament Swap hosted by Dawn
I was partnered with Lisa for this swap.
from lisa to brandi
Scarf Swap hosted by Bethani
I sent to Bethani and  received from Melanie.

Color Swap hosted by Melissa
I was partnered with Nina for the swap.

12 Days of Christmas Swap hosted by CG Swaps
I was partnered with Brittney for the swap.

Merry & Bright Swap 2014 hosted by Bailey
I was partnered with Bex for the swap.

Christmas in the Country hosted by Jamie, Laurie, Robyn, & Erin
I was received from Nicole and sent to Sarah.

Great Christmas Swap.20141211_105911