No, 60 is not my age or the temperature outside. It’s the numbers of hours I will have worked this week. Including 10.5 hours tomorrow and 17.5 hours on Thursday. Too bad Uncle Sam likes overtime so much, darn! This doesn’t include any hours at the shop, etc. just strictly nursing hours. The joys of being a nurse…Image


Got the job.

Well I just got home from my interview. I got the job! 🙂 It’s only PRN but like I said before she said there is usually hours and now that I’m an employee I can bid internally on jobs. It was kind of an intense interview. The DON was nice but asked page after page of interview questions. Yuck. I’m nervous but excited to start.

Job Interview.

I have an interview next Thursday at a local nursing home. I’m still not totally sure how I feel about it. It’s a PRN position but the lady said that there is usually always some shifts. It’ll be nice to pick-up a couple shifts a week, since I’m only getting every other weekend where I work now. I’m feeling pretty confident about getting hired though, as on the phone she said that she could “interview & hire me” for a PRN position. And once you’re an employee and a job opens up you can ‘bid’ on it and have a better chance of getting it. I need to start getting more hours so I able to save more money for the future. And it’s just nice because more hours = more money = nicer things. 🙂 And maybe it’ll kick Kyle into gear to buying that ring…


I am a Nurse.

I am a nurse.

What does it mean to be a nurse? Well it’s not as glamorous as you may think. We don’t wear cute little white dresses that show too much cleavage with heels. A nurse is so much more than a Halloween costume.

Rotating shifts, 12-hour shifts, skipping breaks, rushing through a meal, working weekends and holidays, no guarantee to be off on time.

Hospitals and nursing homes don’t close. They are open 24/7 and nurses have to be there to staff them. They don’t care if you have plans Saturday night or that you’re missing Christmas dinner with your family.

Although there are 9-5 nursing jobs they are few and far between. Nursing requires dedication like no other job. And patience you didn’t know you had.

It is the nurse’s job to realize when a patient’s condition in declining. When every minute second counts. They have to make those split second decisions. The difference between life and death. This is a true test of skills.

Nurses don’t get to make mistakes. They don’t get second chances. In fact mistakes can be deadly. Mistakes can cost you your job and license.

Nurses are there when you need someone to talk to, someone to just listen, a shoulder to cry on, an advocate, the truth, an answer, a friend.

Nurses are the ones that make the hard phone calls. Letting you know a loved one has passed away.

Nurses have to have strength and courage like nobody else. They will stand-up for patient’s rights. They will stand-up to a doctor. They will even stand-up to family members.

Nurses have been yelled at, bled on, puked on, pooped on, hit, overworked all in one shift but they will still be there to assist you with a smile. No matter how a nurse has been treated by a patient they will be there to take care of them, no matter what.

Nurses don’t get to be biased. They can’t let their personal opinions about ANYTHING get in the way. Child abusers and murders get the same care. Because nurses will do what’s right.

Nurse are the heartbeat of healthcare. They are the ones that bring everyone together. Doctors, therapists, family members, and patients. They are the ones doing everything possible. Coming up with a care plan, a way to get you home. A way to help you move on.

A nurse will be the bad guy and the scapegoat. They will call the doctor in the middle of the night. They will advocate for the patient regardless of consequences. They will be there to tell arguing family members this isn’t the time or place.

A nurse isn’t afraid to disagree with a doctor. To tell them what a patient needs. To tell them they will not send a resident back yet. To tell them they aren’t leaving because it’s supper time or Friday at 5pm because a patient still needs care. To tell them a resident WILL be sent to the hospital.

A nurse will sit in silence alone and hold the hand of a dying patient as they take their last breath, because everyone needs someone by their side when it’s their time to go.

A nurse will cry with you, laugh with you, and be there to comfort you.

A nurse knows when you need a hug, someone to hold your hand, someone to talk to, someone to take care of you. And they will be there.

A nurse knows how precious life is and not too take anything or anyone for granted.

I can promise you that if one hasn’t already that someday a nurse will impact your life. They will be there for you when you needed someone most.

Nurses save lives every day. It’s part of our job. It’s what we do.

Nurses are everyday heroes. And they ask for nothing in return.

Next time you see a nurse, thank them for everything they do. You have no idea how grateful they will be.

“When you are a nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch yours”

Helping hand