The Countdown.

The countdown has begun. The weeks are ticking down. Soon it will be here. Harvest. The corn and beans are still green enough they can’t be harvested but you can tell by them getting browner everyday that harvest is near. This is a bittersweet time of year. It’s great weather, perfect for being outside and having bonfires. But it’s SO busy. It makes for some long days, early mornings and late nights.  And my boyfriend is basically nonexistent. Some days I don’t accept farming very gracefully. Sometimes I just want to spend time with Kyle without him having to leave on a service call or to drive a tractor/semi.  It’s gets lonely, I won’t lie. Meals get delayed. And I get jealous of those girls who can go out to a dinner and movie with their boyfriend without delay, interruptions, or ending the night early. There’s a lot of nights were it’s just me & Jules (our dog) until pretty late.  But I get over it, it’s just a  part of life. No farmers = no food. I knew what I was getting into when I started dating Kyle, but some days that doesn’t make it any easier. You have to learn to be flexible, like really flexible.


Tips to Survive Harvest:
1. Find a hobby. Hello, blog.
2. Learn to be flexible. This is probably the most important.
3. Help out in the field or just ride around.
4. Spend time with family & friends.
5. Get a pet. Black labs make pretty good buddies.
6. Acceptance. This is happening whether you want it to or not.
7. Finish up those crafts and unfinished projects you have laying around.
8. Relax and have some “me” time. Catch up on that book or favorite TV show of yours.
9. Preparedness. Get things finished before harvest starts if you can, plan appointments, parties, etc. at slow times (I don’t think that really exists), make casseroles or cook-ahead freezer meals, and keep in mind what needs to get done other than fieldwork.
10. Take.a.deep.breath.

Happy Birthday to Jules!

My baby’s one year old! And by baby, I mean dog. Yes, I am that person. I quite sure Kyle thinks I’m crazy, but that’s OK. Kyle’s off welding at the hog buildings so Jules & I partied by ourselves.


We celebrated with beef & cheese pupcakes (well she celebrated with them, I didn’t eat one).


Yay, blowing out the candle! OK, so maybe I blew it out.


I think she enjoyed them. 🙂

It seems like just yesterday she was an itty bitty puppy running around and exploring the yard and fields. I do remember the first time Kyle started a tractor around her too! She wasn’t a fan, but now it doesn’t even faze her. We adopted Jules from the local animal shelter when she was about 2 months old. She immediately became attached to us, but was pretty skid-ish of everything & everybody else. These days she isn’t as worried about people, she’s pretty protective though. New things sometimes scare her, so she wasn’t a fan of me taking pictures of her with my Canon camera. I pretty much view Jules as my furry little child, don’t judge me.


The day we got her, look how little she was!

Nice to meet you.

I never planned on moving to a big city, so I’m not all that shocked that I ended up in the country. It is a little bizarre knowing that at age 20 I knew where I’d spend the rest of my life (not the same house, just location). Most 20 years old are partying; I was unpacking boxes and learning the ropes of a farm. But you know what? I was perfectly OK with that. I’ll admit though, it was pretty hard to move a half hour away from my house and family. It’s been almost three years since I started dating Kyle and a year since we moved to our acreage. The last year has been filled with adjustments, tractors, late nights & early mornings, and a little black lab-mix names Jules. This is our story. This is our journey. And now that we’ve been properly introduced, I hope you’ll follow along.