Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is this weekend (November 30th). Tomorrow in fact! It is sponsored by American Express, in fact if you use your American Express card at qualifying small businesses on Saturday you can receive a $10 credit back on your bill with a purchase of at least $10 (see website for more info). I am not being compensated in anyway for this post, I just think this is a great cause because local ‘mom and pop’ businesses need your support. So make sure you get out there this holiday season and shop local! And every season for that matter. Small towns and rural communities rely on small businesses and those businesses rely on YOU. Plus, local is always better anyways. You know who made it, you know it’s done right, and you know you’ve supported your community. It’s great to see such a large company out there advocating for small businesses and promoting buying local!

And for all you small business owners out there, if you visit the website you will find many tools and resources. There are printable signs personalized to your business, logos, promotions items, social media/email templates, and much more. In fact in the last couple of months there was a sign-up for a free rug and reusable shopping bags for small businesses.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with their family and friends. And I hope you find great deals today on Black Friday. But as you’re out rushing around at the big-box stores grabbing good deals; remember those locally ran businesses and shop there tomorrow!

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