Happy Valentine’s Day!


I get kind of sick of hearing people whine about Valentine’s Day and how stupid it is. Yes, I get that it’s commercialized and insane that the cost of flowers quadruple. But it doesn’t have to be about expensive meals or flowers, it shouldn’t be about those things. It should be about your significant other. Not in a relationship? That’s OK make it about the people you love; your mom, sister, best friend, etc! We actually celebrate unconventionally anyways! We always do a little something and get each other a little gift. Sometimes we go out to a nice dinner and sometimes we opt for somewhere we won’t want to wait an hour to eat! As far as flowers, sometimes I get them sometimes it’s something else. But you better believe he doesn’t spend $120 for 12 roses and a tiny teddy bear – and I don’t blame him! I read online (on FB or a blog, I don’t remember) a girl had a complete meltdown because her boyfriend bought her a plant rather than a bouquet -seriously!? The roses will die within a week, the plant will last well until you kill it. But anyways I’m just happy I have the best Valentine forever :). I love you, Kyle.

3 years.

November 1st marked 3 years that Kyle & I have been dating. I kind of love him a lot and I don’t know what I’d do without him. 🙂

It’s been quite the ride, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Here’s to many, many more years.

I love you.


Some of my current favorites!

Bones (TV show). John Deere. Baby Lips. Coach Poppy Perfume. WordPress. Ulta Beauty. Pepsi. Sephora. Red Lobster. Facebook. Outlook/Hotmail.

These, for the most part, happen to be my all-time faves :). Bones, John Deere, Pepsi, and Red Lobster we’re BFFs. Forever. End of story.

What are you currently obsessing over? Or what are your tried-and-true all time favorites?

Wedding fever.

Man, is it just me or is everyone getting engaged? Kyle’s best friend from high school called last week to say he was buying a ring and then proposed a couple days later. I also have so many friends from nursing school and several from high school that have become engaged within the last several months. I’m like getting wedding fever. I wouldn’t mind a nice shiny ring for my left finger:) Oh well, I suppose he’s worth waiting for ;).

What it is really like to date a farm boy.

So you want to know what it’s like to date a farm boy?
Well here it is, the cold hard truth.
And my farm boy also happens to be a diesel mechanic.

Plans change every day. You’re going to have to be flexible. Very flexible.
There are no 8-5 jobs or 40 hours work weeks. It’s basically 24/7/365.
He’ll track dirt all over the kitchen floor & wash his greasy hands in the bathroom sink.
You’ll be recruited for parts runs, moving equipment, picking up & dropping people off at different fields, and moving trucks around.
They’ll say “what is that?” when you wear a new dress or blouse.
Be ready for some late nights and early mornings.
Carrying around sockets or wrenches in your purse will become totally normal.
You’ll have to get used to being home alone a lot.
They are still men, they are still human. They make mistakes, they’ll make you mad.
Supper will be delayed on a regular basis. You’ll starve until 9pm or eat by yourself.
On the somewhat rare occasion when you get dressed up and go out you may want to bring a set of normal clothes along because you’ll never know what the night will bring. And I don’t mean any sexual. I mean like pulling a friend’s truck out of the ditch and having to drag it home.
They think you look sexiest in your work clothes, not that expensive outfit you just bought.
His idea of a date is working on a truck in the shop.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, there are many great things about dating this type:

He’s a handyman. He can fix anything & everything
They’re manly. They aren’t prissy and aren’t afraid to get dirty.
Unlike most men they will try not to repeat past mistakes.
This life makes for some unique dates. Tractor ride, anyone?
They like to take care of their girl.
They are good with their hands.
He knows how to use all sorts of equipment.
They are traditionally loyal and protective.
They will teach you so much.
He’ll know how to make you laugh.
They’ll make you feel like you’ve never felt before.
Life in the country is best.
They aren’t afraid of putting down roots.
He’ll have muscles you can’t get anywhere but a farm.
There’s something sexy about working the land.
Most farmers want to keep the farm in the family. Thus, they want children.
He will work hard every single day of the year without complaint.
Fresh air, starry skies, and cornfields as far as you can see.
They will hold you closer and tighter and with more affection than any other man you’ve ever known.

Even though it’s not the easiest job in the world, I wouldn’t give up my country man for anything in the world.