Shop Update.

Shop Update.

I haven’t updated you guys lately on how the new shop is coming along, and I know you’ve just been dying to see how it looks ;). Well here you go! We’re getting the door soon, once the door is on we will be able to turn on the in-floor heat. Then it’ll be warm and we Kyle can work out there. The shop isn’t wired for electricity yet, I think the plan for that is next Spring. There is still a lot of work to do on the inside: the loft, bathroom, office, air compression & air lines, and some other things. Kyle’s getting pretty excited that things are finally starting to take shape and about his recent purchases for out there. Ahem, several tool boxes and tools! Farm boys…

10 Christmas Gifts for the Rural Man in Your Life.

Yes, it’s November. Yes, this post is about Christmas. But really it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas. And if your farmer is anything like my mechanic/farmer, than Christmas shopping for him is quite a tasks. He’ll say he doesn’t want or need anything. And let’s be real, everything he needs he just buys. So when I read a post on Housewives of Rural America titled Gift-Giving Guide for the Rural Man, it got me thinking that I need to start brainstorming and coming up with some ideas. Of course there are always the basics, the ones where you can’t really go wrong. Clothes, tools, BBQ grilling set, collectable toy tractors, gift cards. A rural man is really their own type of human. They prefer gifts that are practical and useful. I’ve come up with a list of 10 gifts for rural men that you may not have thought of. Some are funny, some are practical, some are awesome, and some are sentimental. Regardless there’s bound to be atleast one that you’re man will love.

1. Fun Stocking Stuffer. Man Hands: Manly Scented Soaps. With scents ranging from bacon to top soil to race day to republican to cash, there’s sure to be one that will remind you of your man.


2. The Gift That Keeps Giving. Bacon or beef jerky of the Month Clubs. Each month he will receive a package in the mail containing whatever it is you picked out for him. I suggested this as a DIY present rather than actually buying a subscription because they are crazy expensive. But make sure you don’t flake out and forget halfway through the “subscription’, because well that would be lame.

bacon jerky

3. Family Heirloom. Arial photo of the farm. Think of the surprise on his face when he unwraps this. And it’s something he’ll treasure for years to come. Forever really. (You’ll have to Google a company in your area.)

aerial farm

4. King of the Grill. Personalized Branding Iron. Men like to grill. Men like meat. Why not let him brand his meat with his name, farm name, or personalized saying.


5. Workin’ Man. Farm Business Cards. You can get cheap, decent looking ones from Vistaprint. This way he can think of you every time he makes a new business contact.


6. Homestead. Farm Sign. Show him how proud you are of your having his last name and the farm you built together.


7. Light Up His Life. Flashlight. But it can’t be just any flashlight. You will pay for these flashlights. They are rechargeable and insanely, blind-you-for-10-minutes bright. Kyle is never without his, he loves it, and recommends it to everyone.


8. Lend a Hand. Gloves. If there’s one thing I can think of that EVERY rural man uses, it’s gloves. It’s all about practicality, people. But spice it up, buy them his favorite brand or one with a favorite logo on it. (John Deere, IH, Carhartt, etc.)


9. Take Note. Field Notes Notebooks. They’re are many sizes and colors to choose from. There are even ones for each state, I recommend buying him the one from your state. They fit inside his shirt or pants pocket and are perfect for writing down, well, field notes. There is a different brand Rite in the Rain, which is the same concept except the pages and ink are waterproof. You can literally stand in a field and write notes in the pouring rain.

field notes

10. Bottoms Up. Stanley Hip Flask. I know a lot of rural men carrying around Stanley Thermoses. This will just spice up their evening up. It lets him put a little Jack D in his Coke. Plus, it has that classic Stanley Thermos look. (This may be more for the older generation.)


Bonus Item. Engraved Pocket Knife. Every man has one. Rural men wear then out and lose them. So why not get him one engraved with his name. That way it won’t walk off and everyone will know who it belongs to. He may not want to use this one though, since it’s engraved, it makes a nice keepsake too. But don’t get mad if he uses it and ruins it, remember it’s a knife, it’s practicable. And it will probably be used.


Well there you have it. Eleven items that are sure to give your rural man a great Christmas!

What it is really like to date a farm boy.

So you want to know what it’s like to date a farm boy?
Well here it is, the cold hard truth.
And my farm boy also happens to be a diesel mechanic.

Plans change every day. You’re going to have to be flexible. Very flexible.
There are no 8-5 jobs or 40 hours work weeks. It’s basically 24/7/365.
He’ll track dirt all over the kitchen floor & wash his greasy hands in the bathroom sink.
You’ll be recruited for parts runs, moving equipment, picking up & dropping people off at different fields, and moving trucks around.
They’ll say “what is that?” when you wear a new dress or blouse.
Be ready for some late nights and early mornings.
Carrying around sockets or wrenches in your purse will become totally normal.
You’ll have to get used to being home alone a lot.
They are still men, they are still human. They make mistakes, they’ll make you mad.
Supper will be delayed on a regular basis. You’ll starve until 9pm or eat by yourself.
On the somewhat rare occasion when you get dressed up and go out you may want to bring a set of normal clothes along because you’ll never know what the night will bring. And I don’t mean any sexual. I mean like pulling a friend’s truck out of the ditch and having to drag it home.
They think you look sexiest in your work clothes, not that expensive outfit you just bought.
His idea of a date is working on a truck in the shop.

If I haven’t scared you off yet, there are many great things about dating this type:

He’s a handyman. He can fix anything & everything
They’re manly. They aren’t prissy and aren’t afraid to get dirty.
Unlike most men they will try not to repeat past mistakes.
This life makes for some unique dates. Tractor ride, anyone?
They like to take care of their girl.
They are good with their hands.
He knows how to use all sorts of equipment.
They are traditionally loyal and protective.
They will teach you so much.
He’ll know how to make you laugh.
They’ll make you feel like you’ve never felt before.
Life in the country is best.
They aren’t afraid of putting down roots.
He’ll have muscles you can’t get anywhere but a farm.
There’s something sexy about working the land.
Most farmers want to keep the farm in the family. Thus, they want children.
He will work hard every single day of the year without complaint.
Fresh air, starry skies, and cornfields as far as you can see.
They will hold you closer and tighter and with more affection than any other man you’ve ever known.

Even though it’s not the easiest job in the world, I wouldn’t give up my country man for anything in the world.