You are not a farm widow.

Since social media and blogging has become a big scene, I have noticed a trend. Farm wives jokingly calling themselves ‘farm widows’. In this context farm widow refers to somebody (generally the wife) who spends long days and nights alone while the spouse (usually the husband) is busy farming.

Since planting season is in full swing in Iowa, I just wanted to take a moment to say: you are NOT a farm widow. Your husband will come home tonight and climb into bed with you. Your children will get to play with daddy again. You are not a widow. You have a hard working farmer husband, be thankful for that.

As a farm wife every time my husband leaves to run a tractor or climb a grain bin I can feel a little pang of anxiety deep down inside. Farming is one of the most dangerous occupation worldwide, killing thousands each year. Every year thousands of spouses and children never make it home. Thousands of women never get to kiss their husbands again. They are farm widows.

My husband works long hard hours to provide for not only us but for you. For the world. Be thankful for your farmer and don’t call yourself a farm widow as a joke.

farm horizon

We planned our wedding around a tractor pull.

Yes, this is my life.

I thought June 27, 2015 sounded like a good date for our wedding. So we checked calendars, etc. for events that weekend. Then we realized that the Budweiser Dairyland Super National Pull in Tomah, WI was scheduled. Well change of plans! We wanted to make sure some people would attend our wedding since a good portion of our guest list attend the pull. 😉 So yes, we planned our wedding around a tractor pull.


But I am happy to announce we have picked a date! 07.25.2015.

Rain, rain, go away.

Rain, rain, go away. We need some sun! The farming operation has only been in the field a little over a week total! And bad news, there’s a chance of rain every day for the next 10 days. More than likely we won’t get any planting time in until mid-June. We leave for Vegas & the Grand Canyon on June 13th so hopefully the fields have dried out and all the planting is done by them! There is talk of a possibility of having to switch to beans instead of corn because of time limitations. Since planting has been pushed back so far, when they are able to plant there will be some VERY long days & nights. Kyle will have to work at the shop all day and probably help with farming all night. It’ll be a long couple of days. The farming operation has about 75% of the crops in leaving about 1500 acres. So if everything goes good it should take 2-3 of planting to get everything in and done. There is still standing water in local field, they are a muddy mess. Roads are closed because water is rushing over them, and the ditches have water rushing through them with a current equivalent to the Mississippi. The next field drive down from our house is actually washed out.

Rain makes corn.

Rain makes corn, but it needs to be planted first! Severe thunderstorms ripped across Iowa last night. Lucky me got to drive home from work in the POURING rain (I could barely see!), but I made it home safe. Although we did not get the brunt of the storm we need get heavy rain, wind, and hail. Up north of us sustained much worse damage because of high winds and got about 8 inches of rain! We are in a severe thunderstorm watch again until tomorrow at 1am. Like I said before the farming operation has only been in the field a little over a week, and they are not done. I hope it doesn’t continue being rainy because they need to get all the corn in. It would be nice to have my boyfriend back & not on call 24/7 for service calls or fieldwork!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma.


Diesel prices & fieldwork.

A couple of days ago I went with Kyle to town to get parts and go on a service call. When we drove by Kwik Star we checked out the fuel prices. Can you believe that diesel is cheaper than gas? Unleaded gas was $4.02, super unleaded gas was $3.99, and diesel was $3.79. It’s 20-23 cents cheaper that gas! It’s been years since gas surpassed the price of diesel. Kyle even said he thought he’d “never see the day when diesel would be cheaper than gas”. I guess we’ll start having to drive Kyle’s truck around more, because you know diesel is cheaper than gas… 😉

With the long LONG winter (there was a snow storm May4th!) then a very wet start to spring it pushed backed the start of farming greatly. We’ve only been in the field for about a week!  So the men have been working from dawn til dusk (and after!) to get the corn in as quick as possible. Kyle’s been manning the shop by himself and has had some pretty long days with all the service calls to work on equipment in the fields. And it continues this weekend, he had more service calls and has been helping in the field. These are a long couple of weeks, filled with 12-16 hours days, handwork, and eating alone; it’ll be nice to have my boyfriend back (until harvest).