Top 10 Posts of 2013.


I started this blog in May. It’s been quite a journey, I’ve learn a lot and made many new friends. Hopefully 2014 will be an ever better year for blogging, and I hope to make even more friends! I’ve decided to showcase my top 10 posts of 2013.

10. I am a nurse. The perfect read after a hard day at work or a long day in nursing school.

9. We’re engaged! Thanks for all of the congratulations and well wishes!

8. Agvocates – helping or hurting the industry? This is a fairly new post but has been getting a lot of traffic. This is an important topic to me and farmers/ag bloggers everywhere. I would love to hear your input!

7. What they won’t teach you in nursing school. When you finish nursing school, pass NCLEX, and began your journey as a nurse you will more than like feel lost, confused, and scared. You’ll realize you really are not that prepared. But don’t fear, this post lists common ares in which there is lack of training and some ideas to help you calm your nerves.

6. Best Baked Potato.Ever. (Recipe Included!) Seriously, make this potato for supper tonight! You can thank me later.

5. 10 Christmas Gifts for the Rural Man in Your Life. Sometimes that rural man can be the toughest one on your list to buy from because they have everything they need and they’ll never admit to what they want, here are some foul proof ideas (good for any holiday/occasion).

4. Pass NCLEX the First Time. So you’ve finished nursing school and are about to take the NCLEX? Well this is the post for you! It will calm your nerves and help you decipher those questions.

3. Straight from the Corn State: Iowa Bloggers. This is a group I recently founded with 9 other amazing ladies from Iowa. So far it’s been going really well. It’s basically a Facebook page where we share our thoughts, posts, goals, and connect with bloggers from around the world. We would love for you to follow us or apply to be a member if you’re from Iowa! Check out the page here.

2. Real Farm Girl. I’m glad this is a popular pop. Within this new country fad going on there is a poor view about farm girls, and I feel its important to get the real image out there.

1.Sephora Favorites Super Stars. I’m not sure why this post was so popular, it was one of my earliest posts and still gets a lot of visits per day.

Feel free to share what your favorite posts of mine were or your own most popular posts!


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